The Afterglow comes to an end

• February 17th, 2017

It is with deep sadness and profound disappointment that I must say this today:

The Afterglow podcast has come to an end.

I have struggled with this for quite some time. Honestly, I thought I could pull it off. However, it has become painfully clear to me that in spite of how much I love doing the show, I can no longer continue. There are things going on in my life that need to be dealt with and it needs to happen right now. Unfortunately, doing the show doesn't leave adequate space in my life for that to happen.

I want to thank all of you for supporting my show. To everyone who left a comment, sent a message, shared a link or told a friend, or simply enjoyed the show enough to come back for more, THANK YOU! It's been a very nice run. Over 6 years of digging, discovering and sharing so much great music from some phenomenal artists. And I have had the pleasure of connecting with some really awesome people.
Every episode of the show will still be available on my Podbean page and on the Podbean mobile app. The Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages will also remain active.  By all means, go back and listen to them all!  I will still post an occasional DJ Mix from time to time just for fun. The Afterglow Facebook page will also stay active. I will share links to good music and to some of my favorite podcasts. I encourage you to share on the page as well.

You are always welcome to reach out to me on Twitter/Instagram @waynebo248  or via email at

Keep loving the music and supporting the artists.


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Show 52 (The Autumn Chill Session)

• October 19th, 2016

Hello friends! The summer heat is gone and the time is soon coming to head indoors for some chill and cuddle time. So this special edition of The Afterglow is all about mellow grooves & beats. In this episode, even the DJ Mix features chilled vibes (and it features an Electric Maestro track!) 

Thank you for listening. Enjoy!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, Soul & Other Goodies

1) Stro Elliot – Marvin’s Mood

2) Tedashii – This Time Around

3) Melissa Polinar – Find You

4) Jacob Collier – In My Room

5) John Beasley – ‘Round Midnight

6) MdCL – Hollow [QB’s Afrikan Freedom Mix]

7) Sunlightsquare – Into My Life

8) Skalpel – Simple

9) Nicolay – Aurora

10) Scrimshire – No More

11) Brandon* - Sillouette Dance

12) Mo Anando – In Bloom

13) Chief & Deheb – Elements

14) Mecca:83 – Loungin’

15) Aso – Coolin Out

16) Missing Planet – Restless Mind

17) Missing Planet – Big White Dot

18) Nicolay – Dig It

19) Scott Tixier – Dig It

20) Joey Alexander – City Lights


Phase 2: DJ Mix (starts @ 1:23:48)

21) Kaya Project – Dark Roads [Desert Dwellers Remix]

22) Submotion Orchestra feat. Catching Flies – Ao

23) Elecric Maestro – Dance Of The Supernatural (feat. KING)

24) thatmanmonkz with DJ Kali – Moon On The Hill

25) Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road [Beat Edit]

26) Lazylife – Unwind

27) Boris Blenn – Beachbar

28) Matt Correa – Euphony (feat. Alexey)

29) Blue Six – You Used To Rock

30) Aya - Looking For The Sun


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes (starts @ 2:11:19)

31) Tedashii – I’m Good (radio version)

32) Oddisee – Silver Lining

33) FloFilz – Dulce

34) FloFilz – Nomind

35) Scrimshire – Knocks Me Off My Feet [Scrimshire Loves You Edit]

36) Oddisee – Still Sleeping

37) Kaya Project – Shifting Sands [Kukan Dub Lagan Remix]

38) Samantha James – Amber Sky

39) Ella Joy – Elizabeth

40) Christon Gray – Afraid With You

41) Josiah Bell – Change In The Weather

42) Azymuth – Meu Doce Amigo

43) Heidi Vogel – Medo de Amar

44) Christon Gray - Nowhere

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Show 51

• August 24th, 2016

Hello friends! We close out the summer with plenty of head-nodding, brain-stimulating lyricism. We open with a track from DJ Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8 compilation. You’ll hear 3 tracks from Mahogany Jones new album “Sugar Water”. Plus, tracks from Brvndon P, Andy Mineo, Bizzle, and Dezzy Yates, Dream Junkies, Sevin and Serge promise to impact your mind and spirit.

Of course, we have remixes from Opolopo and Mark de Clive-Lowe. You’ll also hear 2 tracks from the Nina Simone remix project “Little Girl Blue”. There’s also new music from phenomenal multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier, Christon Gray, theBeatbreaker, Louie Vega and more!

Funky house vibes in the DJ Mix feature Joey Negro’s re-work of the O’Jays classic “I Love Music”, plus tracks from Crackazat, QB Smith, Lay-Far, Los Chicos Altos and more! Of course, the beautiful melodies in the Chilled Vibes round out the show.

Thank you for listening!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, Soul & Other Goodies

1) The Slipmat Brothers – Strictly Business

2) Mahogany Jones – Dying Breed

3) Amana Melomé – Icarus [Opolopo Remix]

4) BrvndonP – Limitless

5) Nina Simone – Love Me Or Leave Me [Suonho Relove]

6) Jacob Collier – Saviour

7) Christon Gray – My Love Is Real

8) theBeatbreaker – theVibe (feat. Chantae Cann)

9) Mahogany Jones – Insight

10) Andy Mineo – Now I Know

11) Bizzle – Better Wit You (feat. J. Carter)

12) Dezzy Yates – One Day (feat. PM Lowe)

13) Y4NN – Drive You Crazy

14) WIZE – Lost Woods

15) Dream Junkies – Showbiz

16) Nina Simone – Mood Indigo [Renegades Of Jazz Remix]

17) Yusef Lateef – Love & Humor [MdCL Remix]

18) Keston and Westdal – Rihaku

19) Louie Vega – Because We Love It (feat. Zara McFarlane)


Phase 2: DJ Mix

20) The O’Jays - I Love Music [JoeyNegro Sweet Music Mix]

21) Lay-Far – Like The First Time

22) Novalima – Santero [Los Chicos Altos Remix]

23) Kinky Movement – Easy Honey

24) Joey Negro – I Can Feel Your Body Rock [JN Extended Mix]

25) Makito – The Message [Orginal Mix]

26) Pascal FEOS – Under The Golden Beat

27) Crackazat – What You’re Feeling

28) Warm Days – Coffee and Honey [QB’s Hotstrumental]

29) Jacob Bech – Bend [Original Mix]

30) Anthony Mea – Jazz 1016

31) Crackazat – Eye Light (Midnight)


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

32) Christon Gray – Black Male (Blackmail)

33) Nitin Sawhney – Immigrant

34) Jimpster – Closer To You

35) Oddisee – Alarmed

36) Serge – Past The Clouds (feat. Michele Checa & Oscar Urbina)

37) Mahogany Jones – Grow

38) Sevin – Surrender

39) BrvndonP – Sometimes

40) Astronomyy – The Secret [Cautious Clay Remix]

41) Submotion Orchestra – Red Dress

42) Unforscene - Sidewinder

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Bonus Mix: Remnants Of Missed Time (part 2)

• June 4th, 2016

Your summer soundtrack continues…

This is the second of 2 Bonus DJ Mixes that focus on some of the wonderful house tunes released (or discovered) over the last year or so that I haven’t been able to play on the show. This mix features classic soulful house with great lyrics, melodies and vocal performances. Around the 60 minute point, the mix turns toward a deeper tech-house vibe.

Turn it up and bump it loud! Show 51 is coming soon.

You can find all of these tunes in this >Spotify Playlist<


1) Soundquest feat. Zano - Apple of My Eye

2) Jus Nativ feat.Rooted Soul - Here to Stay

3) Louie Vega - Can We Keep This Going (feat. Kaylow)

4) Ralf GUM - Take Me to My Love (feat. Monique Bingham) [Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix]

5) Jus Nativ feat.Thandi Draai - Crazy Love (Draai Drum Mix)

6) St. Germain - Real Blues (Terry Laird Come Back Home Mix)

7) Richard Earnshaw Feat. Polina Griffith - Can't Go Back (Classic Vocal Mix)

8) Sheila Ford - Share(Kenny Carpenter Remix)

9) Dawn Tallman - I Am Not Afraid (Louie Vega LP Vocal Edit)

10) Soledrifter ft Ryan Holliday - Turn Away (Earnshaw V Jadi Re-Edit)

11) Louie Vega - Elevator(Going Up) (feat. Monique Bingham)

12) Soundquest - Walking With (Original Mix)

13) Coeo - Back in the Days

14) Sheila Ford - Share(DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan Blues Mix)

15) Kinky Movement- I Tried

16) Detroit Swindle- Victoria's Secret

17) Crackazat - EyeLight

18) Nina Simone - He Needs Me (Gramophonedzie Remix)

19) thatmanmonkz - For Bae

20) Dantiez Saunderson - Red Room

21) Monday Michiru - The Right Time (Jephte's King Street Vokal)

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Bonus Mix: Remnants Of Missed Time (part 1)

• May 28th, 2016

Due to the general busyness of my life making posting shows regularly very challenging for me – not to mention dedicating the last show to Prince’s music – there is a lot of great music that I haven’t been able to share with you guys. There is also a lot of great music that simply got by me.

This is the first of 2 Bonus DJ Mixes that focus on some of the wonderful house tunes released over the last year or so that I haven’t played on the show. This first mix has a bit of a mellow, jazzy edge and features house music more suited for cruisin’ in the whip or chillin’ with friends than for the dance floor.

Enjoy! Part 2 is coming soon. Thanks for listening!

All of the tracks also appear in this> Spotify Playlist <

1:52:56 / 258MB /320k


1) Louie Vega - EsVedra (feat. Luis Salinas)

2) thatmanmonkz - SumOl' Nex' Ish

3) Lay-Far - Rising/ In Between Concepts

4) St. Germain - RealBlues (Atjazz Stay Tuned Remix)

5) Vozmediano - UnCafé, S´il Vous Plait

6) Black &Brown - Cool Affair (Eric Kupper Remix)

7) Louie Vega - BeenSuch A Long Time Gone (feat. Josh Milan)

8) 60 Hertz Project- Capricorn (Essential I Remix)

9) Soundquest feat.Musicafella - 2 Sides of the Story

10) St. Germain - Sittin'Here (Terry Laird Deep Duba Mix)

11) Lay-Far - JumpHigher (feat. Mark De Clive-Lowe)

12) atjazz - FoxTooth (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)

13) Nina Simone - AfricanMailman (Opolopo Remix)

14) Nick JonesExperience - Club Add Theme (Forteba Remix)

15) Ananda Project- ICU (DJ Spinna Remix)

16) Homero Espinosa- Step into a Groove

17) Hideo Kobayashifeat. Christa - When Love Was Infinite

18) Detroit Swindle- Figure of Speech

19) Coeo - Humbled

20) thatmanmonkz - ForThose I've Lost Along the Way

21) Kaya Project - ZemaLasu (Gaudi Remix)

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Show 50 (Purple Pain)

• May 2nd, 2016

The recent death of my biggest musical hero – Prince – has inspired me to devote an entire show to celebrating his music. Sit back and enjoy over 4 ½ hours of Prince jams. I didn’t want to simply re-hash what the radio has been doing over the last week, so you’ll hear more than just the big hits. Deep album cuts, full 12” mixes, remixes,  alternate versions of classics and unreleased tracks are featured in this epic set. 

As always there is a hot DJ mix –all Prince of course. And we close out with a full hour of some of his best ballads.


View the playlist >HERE<

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Show 49.1

• February 15th, 2016

What up doe! J

I'm back with another set of coolvibes & classic beats. I discovered most of this music while I was puttingshow 49 together so just consider this a bonus set. I'm already working on show50.

This show features some stellarremix work right up front from Mark de Clive-Lowe & David Starfire. We alsohave 2 tracks from the phenomenal new album by KING. You’ll also hear somefunky breaks, some incredible future beats, some dope lyricism, some phenomenaljazz, some soulful house, and some great downtempo. Turn it up and enjoy!

Spotify Playlist:


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, Soul and Other Goodies

1) Freddie Joachim – Doin’ ItTil’ The End

2) Amana Melomé – Lock and Key(Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)

3) Bobby Valentin – BarengueMerengue (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix)

4) Kaya Project – Obsidian Beats(David Starfire Remix)

5) Maurice Tamraz – Malevolent

6) Quasamodo – Funkenstein

7) Emapea – What The Funk

8) Boogie Belgique – Moriarty

9) Tape Five – Hercab WDR BigBand (Tape Five Remix)

10) KING – The Greatest

11) Jered Sanders – Praying(feat. Eris Ford & Intalek)

12) Potatohead People – Messenger(feat. Sorceress & Mosaic)

13) The Ephemerals – You’ll NeverSee Me Cry (Moods Remix)

14) William Crooks – Midas Touch

15) WIZE – Kokiri Sword

16) DEFFIE – Macro

17) S.O. – Where Do We Go FromHere?

18) Andy Mineo – Love

19) Mahogany Jones – Lament

20) Bizzle – Not For Sale (feat.Kefia Rollerson)

21) Lecrae – Misconceptions 3(feat. John Givez, Jgivens, & Jackie Hill Perry)

22) Gabriele Poso – Freedom

23) Kamasi Washington – FinalThought

24) Sly5thAve – Deme (feat.Denitia)


Phase 2: DJ Mix

25) Lovebirds – Promises

26) Bosq – Celestial Strut

27) Sabrina Malheiros – Opará (AshleyBeedle’s Africanz on Marz Remix)

28) Gabriele Poso – Invocation 010(Ezel Remix)

29) H&H Soulsurvivors –Better Day (feat. Ima)

30) Sunlightsquare – Papa Was ARolling Stone

31) Fernando Campo – Baby Music

32) Randomized Coffee – Agboho (N’DingaGaba Remix)

33) Raw Deal – Get On Top

34) MdCL – Imam (Daz-I-KueRe-Dub)

35) Gabriele P. – Invocation 005(Atjazz Astro Remix)

36) Rocco – P3 Jazz (Peacey’sDown Town Dub)


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

37) KING – The Right One

38) S.O. – Alexia’s Interlude

39) Serge – Over You

40) Lecrae – Forever

41) 10A x Troy Samuela –Coastlines

42) Wize – Chocolate Milk (feat.R.O.M.)

43) Emapea – Baby Mind

44)Kan Wakan – Forever Found (Ana Tole Bondage Remix)

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Show #49

• January 25th, 2016

Hello friends! My little hiatusis over. I’ll start off 2016 by playing some great tunes that I wanted to playfor you in 2015. There were some great projects released from artists like AndyMineo, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Opolopo, Chief & Deheb, Ahmed Sirour, Pat VanDyke, Bosq and many more. Grab a drink, grab a snack, and grab a friend…. TheAfterglow is back!


Note:there are just too many tracks here to post links for them all so I just pickeda few to feature. If there is something you like that you can’t find, pleasehit me via e-mail at 

Spotify Link:


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, Soul & Other Goodies

1) Pat Van Dyke – Two Sides (DJSpinna Remix)

Buy“Technicolor Hi-Fi Remixes” >>


2) Andy Mineo – Vendetta

Buy“Uncomfortable” >>

3) John Givez – Will Not Be Televised


4) KB – Always & Forever

Buy“Tomorrow We Live” >>


5) Discotron – Disco Ballin’(original mix)


6) Deffie + ROM – Jumpsuit


7) MdCL – Now or Never (OpolopoRemix)

Buy“Church Remixed” >>


8) Ahmed Sirour – Sometimes WeLove, Sometimes We Fight (feat. Cleveland P. Jones & Ken Milandou)

Buy“Collaborations Vol. 2” >>


9) Ashaya – No Worries (ThePursuit)


10) Thundercat – Them Changes


11) Stephen The Levite – Date Night(feat. Sho Baraka & Leah Smith)


12) B. Reith – Don’t Forget AboutMe (feat. Beleaf & Christon Gray)


13) Chief & Deheb – Day 5

Buy“Leaf” >>


14) BeauDamian – No Know


15) Opolopo – Feels Good 2 Me(feat. Taka Boom)

Buy“Superconductor” >>


16) Ahmed Sirour – Strive (feat.Teisha Marie & Kenny Wesley)


17) Chief & Deheb – 500 FeetHigh


18) Dego – Shine A Light

Buy“The MoreThings Stay The Same” >>


19) Tape Five – The Big Bang


20) Jesse Fischer & Sly5thAve– Watermelon Man

Buy“Vein Melter” >>


21) Gerardo Frisina – Moving Shadows


Phase 2: DJ Mix

22) Chi*f and Deheb – Betina

23) Danced Til Midnight &Tall Black Guy – Wheat Bread and Eggs

24) Nicolay – The Secret

25) Bosq – Liars & Thieves(Dub)

Buy “Celestial Strut” >>


26) JD73 – Oddy Funk (Waynebo’sElectric Maestro Remix)

FREE Download >> 


27) Arnheim – Citizen Advice

28) A*nh**m – One Beat

29) Discotron – Shake Dat

30) Electric Maestro – Trick OrTreat (feat. Missy)

31) Disc*tro* - Let’s Celebrate

32) Dr. Packer – Bizarre Love


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

33) Collective Peace – Let TheMusic Play

34) Jesse Fischer – Lovin’ You(feat. Sarah Elizabeth Charles)

Buy“Day Dreamer” >>


35) Andrea Triana – That’s AlrightWith Me

36) Pat Van Dyke – Pocket

37) Randy Scott – Mellow Flow

Buy“Serenity” >>


38) Zikomo & James Anderson –That Feeling

39) Chancha Via Circuito – Sueno enParaguay (El Buho Remix)

40) Merna – The Reason

41) KB – Find Your Way (feat.Michael Stokes)

42) WIZE & R.O.M. – Princess Peach

43) The Foreign Exchange – Face InThe Reflection

44) Randy Scott – Serenity

45) Mark de Clive-Lowe – Hollow (QB’sAfrikan Freedom Mix)

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Bonus Mix: Too Good 2 Not Share

• October 22nd, 2015

Enjoy a hot set of house as you settle into the cool of autumn…

I recorded this mix a few weeks ago intending to use it as the DJ Mix in show 49. I decided that the playlist for the show wasn’t up to par, so I didn’t record the show (it’s coming soon, I’m re-working it now). However, this mix was a little too good tojust sit on. It features a stellar remix of Hiatus Kaiyote by the legendary DJ Spinna, 2 hot ones from Chris McClenney, a 3-play from the talented hands of Opolopo, 2 nice ones from Glenn Underground and 2 tracks from Mark de Clive-Lowe’s Church Remixed album. Cognac, Randomized Coffee and Nicolay contribute to the hotness as well.


1:08:26 / 157MB /320k

1) RandomizedCoffee - Agboho [Original Mix]

2) Hiatus Kaiyote -Breathing Underwater [DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix]

3) Cognac – Incomparable

4) Chris McClenney- You & I

5) Chris McClenney- Booty (On The Floor)

6) Portia Monique -Ain't Scared of You [Opolopo Remix]

7) Opolopo - Get On Up

8) Gabriele Poso -Invocation 002 [Opolopo Remix]

9) MdCL - Hollow –[BKT Deep Summer Dub]

10) Kiko Navarro -Dope High [GU's Chord Mix]

11) GlennUnderground - Spiritually Speaking

12) Nicolay - The Brightest Star

13) MdCL - Hollow[QBs Hot Dub]

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Show 48 - Summer Nostalgia

• July 17th, 2015

Show 48:Summer Nostalgia

Hello Friends! I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, so I decided to pull out some old compilation CD’s that I had in heavy rotation back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. So enjoy a lil’ taste of what was bumping in my ride 10 to 20 years ago.

Thank you for making The Afterglow part of the soundtrack of your life! 

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Wick Wack – Mellow Soul Fruit

2) Ye:Solar – Eggsample

3) Bob Sinclair – The Ghetto[atjazz remix]

4) Bitter:Sweet – The Mating Game

5) Blue Six – Pure

6) Ananda Project – ICU

7) dZihan & Kamien – Just You and I

8) Omar Farouk Tekbilek –Shashkin [Hefner Remix]

9) William Orbit – Water From A Vine Leaf

10) Rae & Christian –Swimming Pool

11) Fenomenon – Pacific Memories

12) Louie Vega – Let The Children Play

13) Bugge Wesseltoft – Change

14) Raw Deal – snakes &ladders

15) Mark de Clive-Lowe – El Dia Perfecto

16) The Tao Of A Groove – Makes You Extatic

17) Buckshot LeFonque – Breakfast At Denny’s

18) Down To The Bone – CookingWith Gas


Phase 2: DJ Mix

19) Ananda Project – Cascades Of Color

20) Mr. Gone – Mosquito Coast ’98[Down To The Bone Remix]

21) The Rhythm Slaves – Jazza

22) Kyoto Jazz Massive –Substream

23) Blaze – Elements Of Life

24) Jazzanova – Coffee Talk

25) Andy Caldwell – Carnaval

26) Isolée – Beau Mot Plage

27) StoneGroove – My Soul

28) Afro Elements – Ju Ju


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

29) Ski Oakenfull (feat. Nina Madhoo) – On My Way

30) Afterlife – Dub In Ya Mind

31) Cantoma – Pandajero

32) Camiel – Trying To Get To You

33) Soulive – Joyful Girl (feat.Dave Matthews)

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Show 47.2 - A Soulful House Mix

• April 17th, 2015

Show 47.2

Hello friends! This soulful house mix features a heavy dose of music from Vega Records featuring tracks and remixes from Louie Vega and Josh Milan. There’s also a couple of tracks from the always-stellar Reel People Music, new and classic work from Michele Chiavarini, and much more!

Please support the music!

Vega Records on Traxsource>>

Reel People on Traxsource>> 

(or find them at your favoritestore)


1) Honeysweet – I Believe ThatSomeday [Honeycomb Mix]

2) Louie Vega Presents Luisito Quintero - Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo [LV EOL Remix]

3) Urban Sound Lab – Karma feat.Terrance Downs [Vocal Mix]

4) Honeysweet – I Put A Spell OnYou [Honeycomb & Vega Mix]

5) King Bruce – Gratitude [OriginalMix]

6) Spiritchaser – Conch [GrooveJunkies Deep Sanctuary Rework]

7) Michele Chiavarini feat. PeteSimpson – Staring At The Sun

8) Luyo feat. Marcia – Fire [DJSpen & Gary Hudgins Mix]

9) Elements Of Life feat. JoshMilan – Live Your Life For Today [Jihad Muhammad Main Mix]

10) Choklate – Wide Open [ReelPeople Vocal Mix]

11) Elements Of Life feat. Josh Milan – Berimbau [Honeycomb Vocal Mix]

12) Michele Chiavarini - Bailador

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Show 47.1 - Bonus Tracks

• April 11th, 2015

Hello friends!  One thing that happens when I don’t post shows very often is I end up with a bunch of good tunes that don’t make it onto the show because I know posting a 4 ½ hour show would be crazy! So here are some tunes I’ve been wanting to get on for a while. I had most of these when I put show 47 together so consider this an addition to show 47 J 

We kick things off with a nice set of broken beats, then move into some hip-hop tracks, then into a mix of some smooth, underground dance tunes. I usually record the mix separately, but this time I just did it on the fly. We close out with some downtempo soul. Enjoy…. And please share a link with your friends! 

Thanks for making The Afterglow part of the soundtrack of your lives! 


Phase 1: Broken Beats & Hip-Hop

1) Jazz Spastiks – Jazzspormers

2) Omar – Dancing [K15 Remix]

3) Soulparlor & Afronaught –Apollo Gees

4) PCM & Manik – African Guide

5) Kid Fonque & D-Malice –Word Up (feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe)

6) Malik Alston feat. LaRonn Dolley – Promise Me Love [Just One Remix]

7) Tony Vass – Fly Me Higher [JD73 Remix]

8) Soulparlor – Pure

9) Young and Plain – Stay (feat.Tone Jonez)

10) Eshon Burgundy – The Healthy(feat Je’Kob)

11) Taelor Gray – Progress

12) Dezzy Yates – Pallet Town


Phase 2: DJ Mix

13) Wes Pendleton – This Night(feat. John McNeill & Big Juice)

14) Zikomo – Fly Love

15) Crustation & J-Dilla –Purple [Zikomo Remix]

16) Chris McClenney – Amor Celestial

17) Esta – Only One

18) The Roots – Break U Off [Dino Soccio Rework]

19) Luca C & Brigante feat. Roisin Murphy – Invisions

20) Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph– Now There Is We [Kasar Reinterpretation]

21) Comixxx – Miss You


Phase 3: Downtempo Soul

22) Christon Gray – Light On(feat B. Reith)

23) SPZRKT & Sango – How Do You Love Me

24) Singularis – Tar Baby

25) PCM & Manik – Puni

26) Henry Wu – Joint Seventeen(v.1)

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Show #47

• March 15th, 2015

Welcome to show 47!

We have a lot of great music in store for you as always. We kick things off in phase 1 on a soulful note with music from The Beatbreaker, TJ Pompeo, Lydia Rene, and Pete Philly. We have some stellar remix work from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Eric Lau and Jesse Fischer.Big electronic beats from Trian Kayhatu, Potatohead People, J-Louis and StarRo. Beautiful Lyricism from Tedashii and Bizzle. We close out phase 1 with some phenomenal latin jazz from Sunlightsquare.

Also,be sure to listen for the announcement at 26:30 concerning a change to the showformat. 

The DJ Mix in phase 2 features music from JD-73, Opolopo, Dr. Packer, Daz-I-Kue, Bonobo and many more!

Phase 3 features chilled tracksfrom Bonobo, Wes Pendleton, Emotional, Sivey and many more. 

You’ll hear tracks in phases 1 & 3 from the Stussy X Soulection compilation.

Check it out and download Here>>>

Please check the Group Page on Facebook for links to more music from show 47. 

Thank you for including The Afterglow in the soundtrack of your life!



 Phase 1: Beats, Soul, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Stro Elliot – Kamaal Coltrane

2) The Beatbreaker – Real Music(feat. Miss Understood & Ali)

3) TJ Pompeo – He Say, She Say(feat. Mathai)

4) Lydia René – That’s Life

5) Pete Philly – See You Later

6) Una – Out Of The Dark

7) DJ Rodriguez – Maestro Theme

8) Kan Wakan – Space Owl [MdCLRemix]

9) Trian Kayhatu – Red Onion White Garlic

10) Potatohead People – Blue Charms

11) J-Louis – Perseverance

12) StarRo – Bout You

13) Tedashii – Love Never Leaves(feat. Natalie Lauren)

14) Bizzle – It Takes A Village(feat. Jin, Sho Baraka & V. Rose)

15) Kid Fonque – What I Do (feat. Nia Andrews) [Eric Lau Remix]

16) Melanie Charles & Rat Habitat – Gemini [Jesse Fischer Remix]

17) Sunlightsquare – Fantasy

18) Sunlightsquare – Into My Life


Phase 2: DJ Mix

19) D’Angelo – Betray My Heart[Dino Soccio Edit]

20) Chuck Love – Boots ‘N’ Nuts [EOTL’sFr33dom People Dub]

21) Una – Out Of The Dark[Fr33dom People Dub]

22) Dr. Packer – Ain’t No Doubt[Original Boogie]

23) Tonbe – Boogie Mood [Original Mix]

24) JD73 – Show Me (feat. Miss Modest) [JD73’s Extended Mix]

25) Tonbe – Rare Groove

26) Yam Nor – I Wanna Feel [Kolombo Remix]

27) Sacha Williamson – Blame [Opolopo Remix]

28) Bonobo – Pelican

29) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band vs. Atjazz – Where The Lights Meet The Music [Andreas Saag Remix]

30) Chino Sanchez & Jacques Kathrein – Sabrosura

31) Coeo – Native Riddim

32) Stevie Wonder & Daz-I-Kue– Saturn [Bloodfire Rejig]

33) Shur-I-Kan – Away


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

34) Bonobo – Return To Air

35) Evil Needle – Antidote

36) Moiety – Finding Peace

37) Soulavenue – Try

38) Audio Quattro – Floating

39) Wes Pendleton – The Passion

40) Cloud Electro – Safe Place

41) Emotional – The Bridge [Pure Feeling Mix]

42) Abjo – Three

43) Sivey – Pillow Talk

44) Wes Pendleton – You’re Mine(feat. John McNeill)

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Bonus Mix: House Music is Beautiful

• January 8th, 2015

Thumping house beats sprinkled with soul, jazz, latin & gospel flavor. 

Featuring soulful vocals and jazzy melodies, this mix definitely presents the beauty of soulful house music.

Beginning and ending with Portia Monique & Reel People - with a large dose of Michele Chiavarini in between - the mix starts out smooth, then gradually turns up the intensity before easing up at the end for a smooth landing.


1:24:04 / 184MB /305k

1) Portia Monique –Cloud IX [Reel People Vocal Mix]

2) Leon Ware – On The Beach [Atjazz Love Soul Remix]

3) Pablo Fierro & Mr. V – Manteca [Mr. V’s Saturday Night Fever Reprise]

4) Luisito Quintero– Quintero’s Jam [Louie Vega EOL Mix]

5) Sheree Hicks& Rashaan Houston – Your Only [Chris Nigel Remix]

6) Maurice Joshua feat. Joyce Hurley – We Fall Down [DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix]

7) Gershon Jackson feat. El – Back Again [Michele Chiavarini Vocal Mix]

8) Scott Diaz &Michelle Weeks – Praise Him

9) Michele Chiavarini – Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands)

10) Giulio Bonacciofeat. David Walker & Kenny Bobien – No In Between [Michele Chiavarini Remix]

11) MicheleChiavarini & The Jazzcodes – The Music Tells Me [M. Chiavarini 4 on da flowRemix]

12) Coeo – Selectlanguage

13) Sheree Hicks –Doesn’t Even Matter [Fr3shmen Remix]

14) Portia Monique –Grace [Reel People Vocal Mix]

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Show #46

• November 30th, 2014

Welcome to show 46!  Things start off soulful with new music fromPortia Monique & Lydia René. Then we move into new music from Ralf GUM’sawesome new album. You’ll also hear hot tracks from David Starfire (remixed by Kaya Project), Dego, and Bonobo along with a hot remix by Jarreau Vandal. Phase 1 also includes new music from Lecrae, Jackie Hill Perry, Middle Clash, Dezzy Yates, Trip Lee and Natalie Lauren.

We close out phase 1 on a jazzy notewith a track from Michele Chiavarini & The Jazzcodes and a new version ofthe Herbie Hancock classic “Chameleon” by Jesse Fisher & Sly5thAve. We alsoplay a classic tune from the Late Joe Sample.

The deep nu-disco & house vibesof the DJ Mix feature a 3-play of Opolopo remixes plus new music from Ralf GUM,Mr. Scruff, and Bonobo. 

The chilled vibes of phase 3feature tracks from Wes Pendleton, The Stussy x Soulection compilation, Merna,Scrimshire, Natalie Lauren, Gogo Penguin and more! 

Thank you for making The Afterglow part of the soundtrack of your life. 

Pleasesupport these artists by buying their music at these links or at your favorite digitalstore.

**theplaylist is after the links**

 BUY the debut album by PortiaMonique

 BUY “Last Night” by Lydia Rene

 BUY “In My City” by Ralf GUM

 BUY “Awakening” by David Starfire

 BUY “Duals” by Bonobo

 BUY “Nuts!” by Dego!-ep/id893126122

 BUY “Anomaly” by Lecrae

 BUY “The Art Of Joy” by JackieHill Perry

 BUY the Middle Clash Deluxe EP

 BUY “Rise” by Trip Lee

 FREE DOWNLOAD “Another Day’s Work”by Dezzy Yates

 FREE DOWNLOAD “LoopWhole” by WesPendleton

 FREE DOWNLOAD “Cliff Notes” byNatalie Lauren

 BUY “Turn Up The Quiet” by HeidiVogel

 BUY “The Calling” by Merna

 FREE DOWNLOAD “Stussy xSoulection” compilation


Phase 1: Beats, Soul, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Freddie Joachim - Kool In TheSummer

2) Portia Monique – Smile

3) Lydia Rene' – Last Night

4) Ralf GUM - A Brighter Dream(feat. Kafele)

5) David Starfire - Sharaj [KayaProject remix]

6) Alina Baraz ft. Esta – Paradise[Jarreau Vandal remix]

7) Dego - Could Murder a Burger

8) Bonobo – Duals

9) Lecrae - Welcome to America

10) Jackie Hill Perry - The Artof Joy

11) Middle Clash - Soul Glow

12) Dezzy Yates - Surfing Pikachu

13) Trip Lee - Beautiful Life 2(Mine)

14) Natalie Lauren - Pay For It(feat. John Givez)

15) Jesse Fischer & Sly5thAve- Chameleon Revamp

16) Michele Chiavarini & TheJazzcodes - The Music Tells Me [Original Mix]

17) Joe Sample - Seven Years OfGood Luck


Phase 2: DJ Mix

18) Mr. Scruff - We Are Coming[Max Graef Remix]

19) The Sunburst Band - Face TheFire feat. The Rebirth [Marlow & Truby Dub]

20) Dr. Packer - Papa Told Me

21) Luyo & Marco Finotello - CloudNine (feat. Mr. Shy) [Opolopo Dub Mix]

22) Choklate - The Tea [OpolopoRemix]

23) M-Rock Emrik - James Brown [OpolopoRemix]

24) JD73 - Into The Night [TornadoWallace Remix]

25) Elements Of Life Feat Anane -SODADE [Kazukuta Remix Instrumental With Solos]

26) Ralf GUM - In the City (feat.Hugh Masekela)

27) Bonobo – Flashlight


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

28) Wes Pendleton - The Dawn(feat. 42North)

29) JD. Reid - On Air

30) Esta – Luna

31) Merna – Better Run

32) Middle Clash - Fade Away(feat. Tragic Hero)

33) Natalie Lauren - When I Land

34) Heidi Vogel feat. AustinPeralta – Dindi

35) Natalie Lauren - Not Easy ToLove feat. Christon Gray

36) Scrimshire - Saltwater feat.Matthew Halsall

37) Portia Monique – Grace

38) GoGo Penguin – Murmuration

39) Joe Sample - Phoenix

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4th Anniversary Flashback #4 (pt. 2)

• November 1st, 2014

In this final flashback I simply play some of my personal favorites from the first 4 years of the show. There was so much good music that I wanted to include that I had to do this one in 2 parts. It was that or post a 5-hour show J 

Part 2 starts with an hour of chilled vibes featuring some wonderful acoustic soul tunes, then the pace picks up, ultimately ending with some of my favorite house tunes. As always, I hope you dig it. 

There isn’t an official DJ Mix segment, but there is lots of impromptu mixing throughout the show. For those of you who came aboard recently, this will give you another snapshot of some of the great music you’ve missed. 

Thank you for making The Afterglow a part of the soundtrack of your life! 


1) Joey Negro and The Sunburst Band – Opus de Soul

2) KING –Supernatural

3) Mara Hruby – Character

4) Charity – Sounds Like Love

5) Lydia René – Only In Time

6) Abiah – Doves

7) George Levin feat. Clara Hill –Just Paradise

8) Robert Glasper Experiment –Gonna Be Alright (feat. Ledisi)

9) Dwele – Detroit Sunrise (feat.Monica Blaire & Lloyd Dwayne)

10) Mint Condition – Let Me BeThe One

11) Lydia René – True Love

12) Tawiah – Run

13) Di Johnston – Antidote (WhatDo You Want)

14) Zaki Ibrahim – Something InThe Water

15) Laszlo – Satori [Todd BakerRemix]

16) George Benson – The World IsA Ghetto [Suonho Re-Edit]

17) The O’Jays – Darlin’ Darlin’Baby [Deep & Disco Re-Work]

18) Miguel Migs – The System(feat. Capleton)

19) Captain Planet – Macumba

20) K. Sabroso – Take Five feat.Afrobano & Jonny Butter

21) Luehning – All Over

22) Stevie Wonder – Superstition [OpolopoRemix]

23) Graphiqsgroove –Malachitegreen

24) The Rhythm Slaves – Forward Motion

25) India.Arie – Headed In TheRight Direction [Scott Wozniak Remix]

26) Jill Scott – Golden [SirPiers Remix]

27) The Layabouts – As Long AsYou Believe [BB Boogie Remix]

28) Josh Milan – Fort Greene’sTheme

29) Anane – Let’s Get High [LouieVega Guitar Mix]

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4th Anniversary Flashback #4 (pt. 1)

• October 10th, 2014

In this final flashback I simply play some of my personal favorites from the first 4 years of the show. There was so much good music that I wanted to include that I had to do this one in 2 parts.It was that or post a 5-hour show J 

There isn’t an official DJ Mixsegment, but there is lots of impromptu mixing throughout the show. For thoseof you who came aboard recently, this will give you another snapshot of whatyou’ve missed.

Thank you for making TheAfterglow a part of the soundtrack of your life!


1) Laszlo – NRV

2) Raw Artistic Soul – Abanico

3) Truby Trio - Alegre 2004 feat.Marcia Montez [Louie Vega's Elements Of Life Main Mix]

4) Ennio Morricone - The Good,The Bad And The Ugly [Swell Session Remix]

5) Santos - Love Made For Two

6) Richard Earnshaw - Cry Me ARiver (feat. Imogen Ryall) [Scrimshire Vocal Mix]

7) One51 feat. Heidi Vogel - Elevate(Original Mix)

8) Othello (Of Lightheaded) - ShootPast (featuring Olivia Warfield)

9) Andy Mineo - Still Bleeding(feat. Co Campbell)

10) Lecrae - Devil in Disguise(feat. Kevin Ross)

11) N.I.F.T.Y. - Change Your Mind

12) Robert Glasper feat. KING –Move Love [Bossa Soula Remix by Ahmed Sirour]

13) The Foreign Exchange - AllThe Kisses (feat. Paris Strother, Amber Strother) [Ahmed Sirour Remix]

14) WAR - The World Is A Ghetto(suonho ReEdit)

15) Othello + The Pocket ChangeBand - I see you out there feat. Neenah & Just J.

16) B.Reith - Lonely Hearts Club (ft.Kevin Olusola) [KO Remix]

17) Erimaj - Conflict Of A Man

18) Positive Flow - Children ofthe Sun (feat. Heidi Vogel)

19) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Notorious

20) Chris Dave - Slim & Juicy(feat. Sy Smith)

21) Jean Grae - U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow

22) Mahogany Jones - Skin Deep (feat.Ozara Ode' and Insite The Riot)

23) Theory Hazit - I Need YouMore Than Ever (feat. Donovan Luke Henry & Propaganda)

24) Propaganda - I Ain't Got AnAnswer (feat. Sho Baraka)

25) The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Ahmed'sCold Remix)

26) Darryl Reeves - When DovesCry (feat. Saunders Sermons & Ede Wright)

27) Esperanza Spalding - I Can'tHelp It

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Afterglow Bonus Mix: A Little Time To Kill

• October 3rd, 2014

I had a little spare time today, but not enough to do voiceovers and record a whole show. I needed to practice mixing and keep getting more familiar with this software upgrade to Virtual DJ so I grabbed some house tunes I’ve been bumping lately –and jumped on eMusic to get a few more – lined up a playlist, and hit record.

This one features aheavy dose of some of my favorite house producers: Scott Diaz, Reel People,Opolopo, Ralf Gum and Martin Iveson aka atjazz, Sandoval (aka K. Sabroso) andmore.

The mix begins witha somewhat dark and somber tone – probably reflective of today’s dreary weather– then gradually brightens a bit around the 30 min mark. Enjoy! 

1:24:05 / 192MB /320k 

1) Bobbito García YSu Álala - Park Pick Up Player [MdCL RMX]

2) Sandoval &Wesley Clay - All Rhodes Lead to You

3) Scott Diaz – Philadelphia

4) Opolopo - BeEnough featuring Shea Soul

5) Shiny Objects - HigherGround

6) Opolopo - FeelIt

7) Scott Diaz, MattJam Lamont & Brian Keys Tharme - Turn Around (Brighter Days)

8) Scott Diaz - LoveMistakes

9) Kraak &Smaak - Back Again (feat. John Turrell) [Animist Remix]

10) MNEK vs.Disclosure - White Noise [Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion]

11) Elements OfLife Feat Anane - You Came Into My Life [Ralf Gum & Raw Artistic SoulRemix]

12) The Company - Superstar[Reel People Vocal Mix]

13) Ralf GUM - Free(Is All I Wanna Be) (feat. Portia Monique) [Ralf GUM Main Mix]

14) Tony Momrelle -Fly [Reel People Remix]

15) Miguel Migs - TheDistance feat. Aya [Thor Poolside Nude Vocal Mix]

16) Opolopo - BeEnough featuring Shea Soul [Dub Remix]

17) Martin Iveson -Cobra XL

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4th Anniversary Flashback #3

• August 27th, 2014

The Afterglow started back in the summer of 2010 on SSRadio’s Lounge & Chill channel. 

Even though that channel is nolonger broadcasting, thanks to all of you I have managed to keep the showgoing. 

So I’ll keep saying it… THANKYOU!!

 This 3rd flashback episode is all about JAZZ, so we’ll revisit the DJ Mix from show 8.

Show #8 is by far the most popular episode of The Afterglow with almost 10 times as many plays/downloads as the other episodes. I believe that is largely because of the DJ Mix. I played a portion of this mix in show 8 (tracks 7-18). For this flashback I replay “Jazz Club Of The New Millenium” in it’s entirety.

 After that, you’ll hear 14 of my favorite jazz tunes previously played on the show.


Download my 2002 project “SonicLandscapes”

Download “Jazz Club Of The NewMillenium” 


Jazz Club Of The New Millenium(starts @ 4:57)

1) Gianni De Luca – Blow Your Cool

2) Quasimode – Down In The Village

3) McCoy Tyner – Blue Bossa (Jazzelicious Remix)

4) Jazz Juice – Baiana

5) Camiel – Sunset

6) Barrio Jazz Gang – Hot Jacket

7) Quasimode – Skelton Coast

8) The Jazzinvaders – Sea Of Lies

9) Quasimode – Ipe Amarelo (Spiritual South Remix)

10) United Future Organization – Somewhere

11) Jazz Juice – 52nd Street (minorblues)

12) Quasimode – Oneself-Likeness

13) The Five Corners Quintet – Trading Eights

14) Markus Enochson – Tonights’s The Night(Quasimode Remix)

15) Camiel – Eighty-Eight

16) Quasimode – Last Nine Days (Slope feat. ColinCorvez Remix)

17) Butti 49 – Alan Accelerates

18) United Future Organization – Tres Amigos

19) Embee – Shibuya

20) Marc Antoine – Cubanova

21) Gregor Salto – Girl From Serrano

22) United Future Organization – Dans De Desert

23) Organic Beat Garden – Trumpet Trekking


More Great Jazz Tunes(starts @ 1:40:53)

1) Nostalgia 77 – When Love IsStrange

2) Ron Blake – Dance Of Passion(Casamena remix)

3) Jazzanova – Lucky Girl

4) The Hi-Fly Orchestra – Violet(Povo Rework)

5) Kira Neris – Un Eta Sans Fin

6) Mark de Clive-Lowe & TheRJO – El Dia Perfecto

7) Soulive – Bridge To ‘Bama

8) Lord Bubba’s Nu-Jazz Project –Big Baby

9) Randy Scott – Everything IsEverything

10) Jazzinvaders – The Sunchaser

11) The New Cool Collective –Perry

12) Christian Prommer’sDrumlesson – Around The World

13) Quasimode – Lucky Luciano

14) Colman Brothers – On A BetterDay

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4th Anniversary Flashback #2

• August 9th, 2014

The Afterglow started back in 2010 on SSRadio’s Lounge & Chill channel. Even though that channel is no longer broadcasting, thanks to all of you I have managed to keep the show going. So I’ll keep saying it… THANK YOU!!

 This 2nd flashback episode is all about the Broken Beats. We revisit the DJ Mixes from shows 4 and 22.


 Fractured Rhythms Vol. 1 (from show #4) (Starts @ 4:04)

1) Reel People – Second Guess (Da Lata remix)

2) Simbad feat. Melo – After The Dance

3) Bunny Mack – Let Me Love You (Bugz Bruk Dub)

4) Bam feat. Dawn Tallman – Who Can I Run To? (Ezel’s Broken Beat Mix)

5) The Philadelphia Experiment & Vikter Duplaix – Grover (remix)

6) Reel People feat. Nathan Haines – Spiritual (Opaque remix)

7) Ralf GUM feat. Oliver Leicht – Parachute

8) The Philadelphia Experiment – Grover III (remix) pt. 2

9) Orekid – Yesterday’s Gone

10) Soulparlor – Is It You?

11) One51 feat. Bobby Wellins – Spacejam (reworked)

12) Grand Pianoramax – Starlite (Nuspirit Helsinki remix)

13) Ralf GUM feat Wunmi – Brother like No Other

14) Marc Mac – Footwork

15) Soulparlor – Withers 

Afterglow Mix #22 (starts @ 1:11:19)

1) Michael Jackson - Rock with You (Ezel's Remix)
2) Tortured Soul - Home To You (DOMU Remix) 
3) Sy Smith - The Art of You
4) Jiro - Fyuta Funk
5) The Lushlife Project - The Mushroom Man (Gabor Deutsch Remiks)
6) Tarantulaz - They Forgot It feat. Monique Bingham (DOMU Remix)
7) Marc Mac – Backspin
8) Headson Groove - Scratch My Oscillators
9) Nu Era - Music Inside Machine
10) Bliss – Life
11) audioJazz feat. Yvonne Gage - My Freedom (Alexandra Hampton’s Deep SoulRemix)
12) Jazz Juice – Borboletta
13) Jihad Muhammad - No Way Back (Journey Mix)
14) dZihan And Kamien - Smile (Eddy And Dus Kontrapunkt Mix)
15) Mr. Scruff - Give Up To Get
16) Ananda Project - I Hear You Dreaming feat. Heather Johnson (Album Version)
17) Ananda Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss feat. Heather Johnson (Alternate MixRe-Edit)
18) Lenny Mac Dowell - Ocean Drive South Beach

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4th Anniversary Flashback #1

• July 28th, 2014

Wow… Has it really been 4 years of sharing the cool vibes & classic beats?  Yes it has!! J

I’m thankful to still be doing it and thankful that you’re still listening. For this first flashback, I’m re-playing the DJ Mixes from shows 3, 29 and 33. For those of you who weren’t listening back then, you can get a little taste of what you missed.

I’ll have a few more flashback shows very soon. Enjoy!!


The Beat Collection Vol. 1:

Afterglow Mix #3:


 Afterglow Mix #29:

 Afterglow Mix #33: 


AfterglowMix #3 (Starts @3:57)

1) Mettle Music - PacificMotion

2) Nu Soul Orchestra - Runnin’

3) Dr. Drummer - Tropea

4) Mettle Music - Sleepy Head

5) John Beltran - FelicidadNova

6) Nuspirit Helsinki - Trying(Butti-49 Nu-Niveau Mix)

7) Gil Tamazayan - PlanktensCove

8) J. Davis - Everything

9) George Benson - You Can DoIt (Baby)

Afterglow Mix #29 (Starts @46:10)

1) The Five Corners Quintet -Three Corners [Nicola Conte's Sahib Samba Version]
2) Monodeluxe - Moving Out
3) Climatic – Aquarelo
4) Megablast – Over
5) EMO - First Time Experience [Povo Remix]
6) Artie Shaw - Prosschai [Minimatic Remix]
7) The Five Corners Quintet - Taxi Driver
8) Rodrigo Sanchez feat. Brenda Boykin – Black Berry
9) Expert Medicine - Useless [Mikael Delta Remix]
10) Toy Division - Budapest Resonance [Original Instrumental Version]
11) Bajka - The Hunting [Club Des Belugas Remix]
12) Sofi Hellborg - Wouldn't That Be Fun [Senorlobo & Watch TV Temix]
13) Trio Elétrico - Return Of The Coconut Groove [Raw Deal Mix]
14) Deco - Bouncing Brass
15) Club des Belugas - Something Big and Endless

Afterglow Mix #33 (Starts @1:40:22)

1) Hot Toddy - Down to Love

2) Miguel Migs feat. Capleton- The System (Petalpusher Salted Disco Dub)

3) Laszlo - Satori (Laszlo NuDisco Remix)

4) Crazy P – Heartbreaker

5) Lovebirds - Want You In MySoul [feat. Stee Downes]

6) Miguel Migs - Close YourEyes (Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Mix)

7) Soulstice - Realistic(Aquanote Remix)

8) Ragout De Lapin - GingerVibes (Short Version)

9) Simon Weiss - MontyCollective ABC

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Show #45

• July 1st, 2014

Show #45

The wait is over! The Afterglow is back!

This time we’re featuring new music from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Christon Gray, Slakah The Beatchild, Mr. Scruff,Natalie Lauren, Atjazz, Louie Vega, Captain Planet, Wes Pendleton, Tedashii and many more!! We even have a new summer jam that features the legendary Kurtis Blow.

Classic summer soul tunes from thecompilations “Soul Love 2014” (Reel People Music), “Touch Of Soul Vol. 3” (PeppermintJam Records), and “On Deck 2” (

Of course, we have a nice set of soulful house in phase 2. 

For those of you who would like to download the chilled vibes of phase 3 without the rest of the show, you can get it here:


Please checkout and purchase someof the new albums featured in this show.


Buy “School Of Roses” by Christon Gray

On itunes:

Buy “Below Paradise” by Tedashii

On itunes: 

Buy “Soul Love 2014”

On itunes:

Buy “Church” by Mark deClive-Lowe

On itunes:

Download “Red Eyes & BlueSkies” by Natalie Lauren


Buy “Renewal” by Wes Pendleton

On itunes: 

Buy “Soul Movement Vol. 2” bySlakah The Beatchild

On itunes:

Buy “Touch Of Soul Vol. 3”

On itunes: 

Buy “On Deck 2”

On itunes: 

Buy “Friendly Bacteria” by MrScruff

On itunes: 


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, & Other Goodies  (starts@ 0:00)

1) Wes Pendleton – 4 AM

2) Slakah The Beatchild – Number 1(feat. Glenn Lewis)

3) The Foreign Exchange – Take OffThe Blues

4) Christon Gray – Moving On

5) Tedashii – Be With You (feat.Lester “L2” Shaw)

6) Joomanji – Intoxicated (feat.Joseph Marks)

7) Mr. Scruff – Deliverance

8) Ferry Ultra – The Wiggle (feat.Kurtis Blow)

9) Zo! – We Are On The Move(feat. Eric Roberson)

10) Captain Planet – Un PoquitoMas

11) The Dazz Band – Let It Whip[Opolopo Remix]

12) Mark de Clive-Lowe – Brukstep

13) Aurelian – Insert Silence

14) Mr. Scruff – Feel Free

15) The Elder Statesmen – Trans-AlpineExpress

16) Mark de Clive-Lowe – Ghaziya


Phase 2: DJ Mix (starts @ 1:16:47)

17) Julian Gomes – Love Song 28(feat. Bobby)

18) Joseph Junior & MAQman – Can’tDo Without It [Sir LSG VocalMix]

19) Atjazz – Does This Qualify?

20) Renovation Unlimited –Antonata (feat. Roy Ayers) [Atjazz Remix]

21) Axel Tosca & Louie Vega –Sunlight [Louie Vega Ritual Mix]

22) Native Sons & Inaya Day –City Life [Louie Vega Piano Dub]

23) Mellow Baku and The FridayPeople – The Messenger [DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Full Vocal Remix]

24) Sunlightsquare – Heaven OnlyKnows [Hippie Torales & Sunlightsquare Original Mix]

25) B’Joi – Waterfall [Waynebo’sIn Love With House Mix]

26) Michelle Weeks & DawnTallman – Joyful Noise [Luis & Raffa Main Vocal Mix]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes(starts @ 2:12:43) 


27) Christon Gray – Hello OrGoodbye

28) Mark de Clive-Lowe – Hollow (feat.Nia Andrews)

29) Natalie Lauren – Red Eyes[Drake Remake]

30) Colin Rich – Blue Sea

31) Anu~Sun feat. Augi – Where DidWe Go Wrong?

32) Sambada – Tropicale

33) Music Box – Wake-Up Doggy

34) John Beltran – Clouds Pull

35) Tedashii – Chase (feat. TimHalperin)

36) Natalie Lauren – Get Up

37) Evil Needle – So Fly

38) J Finesse – Drums, Claps& Snaps… Ya Dig

39) Ganju – Spirit Of The Forest

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Bonus Mix: Afterglow Mix 45

• May 22nd, 2014

I recorded this mix the same day as I did the “Over The Edge” mix. I intended this to be the DJ Mix for show 45, but I wasn’t able to complete show 45 just yet. So enjoy this hour of deep club vibes and consider it an appetizer.

Show 45 is coming soon!


61:24 / 140MB /320k


1) George Benson feat. Chaka Khan – Love Will come Again [Joe Negro re-edit]

2) Mammoth Studios– Fossils [Bonus Percussion Beats]

3) Ante Perry –Love [Nu Remix]

4) Bostro Pesopeo & Pional – Bonus Beats

5) Omar – Treat You [Opolopo Remix]

6) Muzart – Jukebox[De Capo Surreal Experience]

7) Aluna George –Kaleidoscope Love [Kaytranada Edition]

8) Jill Scott –Golden [Kaytranada’s Life Extended Living Edition]

9) The Layabouts – Colours Of Love [The Layabouts Vocal Mix]

10) Miguel Migs –Down To It

11) Tony Momrelle –Spotlight [Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix]

12) Deeplomatik –Rock Da House

13) Scott Diaz – If You Wanna

14) Muzart – The Great I Am [Spiritchaser Remix]

15) Michael Jackson– Rock With You [Opolopo House Bounce]

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Afterglow Bonus Mix: Over The Edge

• March 13th, 2014

53 minutes of Deep, soulful house music!  

A few tracks that are a little deeper than I normally play on the show, plus some of my faves that I just haven’t been able to fit in on the show.

You know… Speakers loud, hands in the air!!


53:08 / 122MB / 320k


1) Collabor8 – Your Love

2) Time Takers – Things You Want (feat. mr. mna)

3) Tony Momrelle – Spotlight [Earnshaw’s Spotlight Dub]

4) Scott Diaz – Allnighter

5) Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll – Back Together [Scott Diaz Remix]

6) Cartier Fraser – Love That You Need [Richard Earnshaw Remix]

7) Tortured Soul feat. N’Dea Davenport – I Might Do Something Wrong [Quentin Harris Cheating inst.]

8) Muzart – Jukebox [DJ Whisky Remix]

9) Sthesh & T-Lloyd – Into Life [Main]

10) Tortured Soul feat. N’Dea Davenport – I Might Do Something Wrong [John-Christian Urich 2 Flavors Mix]

11) Richard Earnshaw feat. Oby – Never Gonna Let You Down [main mix]

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Show #44

• February 20th, 2014

Welcome to my 44th set of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats!


I want to shine a special spotlight on the new album from Mahogany Jones - “Pure Vol. 1” - A project that delves deeply into life issues facing so many of the women we love and live with. And it features several vocalists, emcees, producers and poets from Detroit! We’ll hear 3 tracks from this album in Phase 1.


Phase 1 also features a heavy dose of dope lyricism from Andy Mineo and SPZRKT. King’s Dream Entertainment is also well represented with hot tracks from John Givez, Ruslan, and Dream Junkies. We have beats from Potatohead People and a track from Feelin’ Music’s Dilla Tribute album. We also get into new music from Los Chicos Altos, Bosq, and the new Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5 compilation. Youngblood Brass Band closes out Phase 1 with their rendition of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”.


The DJ Mix of Phase 2 features the stellar remix skills of Opolopo. We open and close with tracks from him. The mix also includes tracks from DJ Spinna, Los Chicos Altos, Richard Earnshaw, Omegaman and more! You’ll also hear another track from Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5.


The chilled vibes of Phase 3 feature music from Robert Glasper, a stellar remake from Natalie Lauren, Music Box Lord Echo, Jeanne Jolly, STWO and more!




Please support these artists by downloading/purchasing music from some of the projects featured in this show:


Download “Pure Vol. 1” by Mahogany Jones

Get it on iTunes >>  

Get it on CD Baby >>



Download “Lucid Dreams” by SPZRKT for FREE

Listen here >>

Download it here >>


Download “Four Seasons” by John Givez

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “Never Land” by Andy Mineo

Get it on iTunes >>


Listen/Download the “Do The Dilla 2012” compilation from Feelin’ Music

Get it here >>


Download “El Diablo Alegre” by Los Chicos Altos

Get it on iTunes >>


Download Jalapeno Funk 5 from Jalapeno Records

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “Three Phases” by Music Box

Get it on iTunes >>


Download Natalie Lauren’s “Bad” remake for FREE

Get it here >>


Download “Mutants” by Opolopo

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “This Is What You Are (Opolopo remix)”

Get it on Traxsource >>


Download “6 String Poetry” by Kojo Akusa & Lele X

Get it on ITunes >>





Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies (starts @ 0:00)

1) Slakah The Beatchild – Bare Naked [Freddie Joachim remix]

2) Mahogany Jones – Never Again (feat. Gwenation)

3) Mahogany Jones – Skin Deep (feat Ozara Ode` and Insite The Riot)

4) Potatohead People – Love Hz

5) Moka Only – Get A Hold [remix]

6) SPZRKT – The Feel II (feat. John Givez)

7) Dream Junkies – Higher

8) Andy Mineo – All We Got (feat. Dimitri McDowell)

9) John Givez – Dream Chaser (feat. Morgan Nolani)

10) Mahogany Jones – Mirror Mirror/Perfect Imperfections (feat. Kamakazi, Roslyn Welch, Lady Arie)

11) Ruslan – Thankful (feat. J.R.)

12) Kraak & Smaak feat. Berniece Van Leer – Don’t Let People [Moods Remix]

13) Los Chicos Altos – El Diablo Alegre [Mr. R. Novalima Remix]

14) Bosq of Whiskey Barons – Never Feel Cold (feat. Mendee Ichikawa)

15) Youngblood Brass Band – Ain’t Nobody


Phase 2: DJ Mix (starts @ 1:04:17)

16) Quincy Jones – Tell Me A Bedtime Story [Opolopo Remix]

17) Stevie Wonder – Superstition [Opolopo Remix]

18) Skaggs – Finish Line

19) Ultra Soul Project – Black History

20) Alison Crockett – Crossroads [DJ Spinna Remix]

21) This Is Rhythm – Please Don’t Call – [Earnshaw’s Jazzroom Mix]

22) Michele Chiavarini & The Jazzcodes – The Music Tells Me [DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Remix]

23) Los Chicos Altos – Chande (feat. Mandinga Sax) [Superpendejos Remix]

24) Omegaman – El O’man Boogaloo [Mo’ Horizons Remix]

25) Kojo Akusa & Lele X feat. Andy Compton – 6 String Poetry [original mix]

26) Ultra Soul Project – Cook Out

27) Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet – This Is What You Are [Opolopo Remix]

28) Gregory Porter – 1960 What? [Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes (starts @ 2:14:48)

29) Robert Glasper Experiment – Calls (feat. Jill Scott)

30) Potatohead People – Blossoms

31) Natalie Lauren – Bad [remake]

32) Atu – Way I Feel

33) Music Box – November

34) Jeanne Jolly – Sweet Love

35) Lord Echo – Ghost Hands

36) Dalindeo – Solifer-Lento

37) Music Box – The Kingfisher

38) Clara Hill – The Source [Freddie Joachim Remix]

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Show #43 (Christmas 2013)

• December 24th, 2013

Merry Christmas to you all!

Enjoy a dose of Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz, House and Chill with the Christmas spirit.


Phase 1: Beats, Soul, Jazz and Other Goodies

1) Low Budget Crew – Yezzlebeeb [by Choppy Chop]

2) Applejac – Christmas Time Is Here (feat. Jessica Newry)

3) Sheree Hicks – Santa Baby

4) Low Budget Crew – Egg Nog [by Kev Brown]

5) Low Budget Crew – WhoBounce [by DrewKID]

6) Choklate – Christmas Time Again

7) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Xmas Time

8) Low Budget Crew – Christmas Wish (feat. Tazania)

9) Low Budget Crew – District Christmas [by The Quartermaine]

10) Ambassdor – Came Down (feat. S.O.U.L.)

11) Sivion – Celebrate The Son

12) Page One, Theory Hazit, MG the Visionary, & DJ Because – We Three Kings

13) King Kooba – O Christmas Tree

14) Analog Player Society – Christmas Time is Here [Steppers Version]

15) Wynton Marsalis Septet – Linus & Lucy


Phase 2: DJ Mix

16) DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz – Our First Christmas

17) Acebeat Music – Christmas In The House

18) Frankie Feliciano – December

19) Members Only – Christmas Eve

20) Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas Time Is Here [Ananse Spiked Nog Extended Edit]

21) Eric Kupper – Silent Night

22) Kem feat. Patti Labelle & Ron Isley – Jesus [Casamena Basement Mix]

23) Kaskade – Still Still Still

24) Lamone – My Favorite Things

25) Jihad Muhammad – It’s HolidayTime


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

26) Choklate – Tis The Season

27) Dawn Tallman – Carol Of The Bells

28) Cinnamon Brown – We Three Kings

29) Rhonda Thomas – Mistletoe

30) Brian McKnight – Bethlehem Tonight (feat. Michael Sembello)

31) Kaskade – Peace On Earth

32) Low Budget Crew – Carolofthebells [by Kaimbr]

33) Daffy Duck – The Christmas Song

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Show #42

• November 29th, 2013

Finally! Another set of cool vibes & classic beats is here 4 U to enjoy.

 Phase 1 Features new music from Lecrae, Robert Glasper, The Foreign Exchange, Ladi6, Nu:Logic, Beautiful Eulogy, JD73, Bosq and many more!!

 The DJ Mix is a 1 hour set of organic, soulful house.

 The CHILLED VIBES in hour 3 feature some beautiful tracks from Lydia Rene, Choklate, Iman Omari, Hiatus Kaiyote, Lea Lea and Alex Faith.


 Please support the artists. Download/Purchase the music from some of the albums featured in show 42.


Download “True Love” by Lydia Rene >>


Download Lecrae’s “Church Clothes 2” for FREE

Get it here >>


Download Beautiful Eulogy’s “Instruments Of Mercy” for FREE

Get it here >>


Download Robert Glasper Experiment’s “Black Radio 2”

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “Tempo Dreams 2”

Get it on iTunes >>


Download Hiatus Kaiyote’s “Tawk Tomahawk”

Get it on iTunes >>


This episode’s DJ Mix features music from Josh Milan’s “Honeysweet EP”

Get it on iTunes >>




Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Tony Ozier – Back To The Mitten

2) Lecrae – Devil In Disguise (feat. Kevin Ross)

3) Robert Glasper Experiment – What Are We Doing (feat. Brandy)

4) The Foreign Exchange – Better (feat. Shana Tucker, Eric Roberson)

5) Bayonics – Wheels [remix]

6) ***** -  ^^_____^^  << hit me up if U want this >>

7) Ladi6 – Shine On

8) Pomrad – Dans

9) Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days (feat. Liffird)

10) Los Chicos Altos – Senora Santana

11) Other Echoes – Run & Hide (feat. Lea Lea)

12) Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments Of Mercy

13) DJ Aktual & Beleaf Melanin – Transit Music

14) Sho Baraka – Chapter 10: Peter Pan

15) The Sunburst Band – Far Beyond

16) Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra – Only Now [Bosq Remix]

17) JD73 – Ascension

18) JD73 – Swing Til’ It Hurts


Phase 2: DJ Mix (starts at 1:20:35)

19) Josh Milan – Big Bro Esteban [Instrumental Dub]

20) Sir LSG – All I Am (feat. Brian Temba & Kefele) [Sir LSG Original Mix]

21) The Sunburst Band – Until The End Of Time

22) Black Coffee feat. Hugh Masekela – We Are One [Dance Ritual Inst.]

23) Josh Milan – Fort Greene’s Theme

24) Angela Johnson – Forever I Do

25) Imaani – Live Without Love [Reel People Vocal Mix]

26) Ralf GUM – Never (feat. Jon Pierce & Kefele) [Louie Vega EOL Mix]

27) Tony Momrelle – What You Waitin’ For [Reel People Vocal Mix]

28) Josh Milan – ATL


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes (starts at 2:20:35)

29) Lecrae – Was It Worth It (feat. DerekMinor & Crystal Nicole)

30) Robert Glasper Experiment – You Own Me (feat. Faith Evans)

31) Iman Omari – Midnight

32) Alex Faith – The Morning (feat. Wes Pendleton)

33) Choklate – The Stand Pt. 1 (feat. Musiq Soulchild)

34) Choklate – Love It [Freddie Joachim Remix]

35) Lydia Rene – True Love

36) Hiatus Kaiyote – The World It Softly Lulls

37) Lea Lea – Black Or White

38) The Foreign Exchange – Listen To The Rain

39) Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra

40) George Duke – You Never Know

41) Beautiful Eulogy – The Size Of Grace

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Show #41

• September 11th, 2013

The Afterglow is back!!

It’s good to be back at it. Thank you for coming back. We have lots of soulful vibes as always.
Plenty of dope music featuring tracks from Tall Black Guy, Andy Mineo, Elements Of Life, The Foreign Exchange, Bonobo, Omar, Sho Baraka, Ms. Irene Renee, Darryl Reeves, W.L.A.K., Colman Brothers and many more!

We also have a short tribute to keyboard great George Duke – who passed away a few weeks ago.

No DJ mix, but some impromptu mixing near the end of the 1st hour. Be sure to check out the Remnants Of Spring Mixes for lots of great music and mixing.

Be sure to go to >> << for more info on the “King Kulture: Stop The Traffic” compilation. Then go to your favorite digital store and buy it. You can buy the CD here >>

Thank you for including me in the soundtrack of your life! Enjoy the show.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and other goodies
1) Imperial – God Bless The Child
2) Tall Black Guy – Mon Amie De’Troit (feat. Ozay Moore)[album version]
3) Andy Mineo – Still Bleeding (feat. Co Campbell)
4) Omar – The Man
5) Alice Russell – Heartbreaker Pt. 2
6) Shea – Where Did You Go?
7) Elements Of Life – Most Beautiful
8) Zo! – Flight Of The Blackbyrd (feat. Phonte)[4hero Remix]
9) Bonobo – Ten Tigers
10) Duke Jordan – Night In Tunisia [DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix]
11) The Foreign Exchange – All The Kisses (feat. Paris Strother & Amber Strother)[Ahmed Sirour Remix]
12) Tall Black Guy – The Dark Streets
13) Lisa Shaw – Honey [Petalpusher Downtown 100bpm vocal mix]
14) Tony T – The Feeling
15) Bonobo – Don’t Wait
16) Andy Mineo feat. Co Campbell – Stop The Traffic
17) Sho Baraka feat. Ali – Tomorrow
18) Gowe – First Date
19) Slakah The Beatchild – Down
20) Tara Alesia – For Your Soul
21) Harleighblu – Enough Now
22) Darryl Reeves – When Doves Cry (feat. Saunders Sermons & Ede Wright)
23) George Duke – Dukey Stick
24) George Duke – Geneva
25) George Duke – The Black Messiah (part 2)

Phase 2: Chilled Vibes
26) W.L.A.K. – Eyes for You (feat. Christon Gray)
27) W.L.A.K. – W.L.A.Q. (feat. Christon Gray & Swoope)
28) Phonte – Love Songs (feat. Focus…,Sy Smith)[Focus… +FE Experience Remix]
29) Darryl Reeves – She Said
30) Sho Baraka feat. Christon Gray – Chapter 11: Cliff & Claire
31) Ms. Irene Renee – Feelin’ Good
32) Tall Black Guy – There’s No More Soul (feat. Diggs Duke)
33) Sandra St. Victor – Presence
34) Colman Brothers – She Who Dares [Scrimshire Remix]
35) Elements Of Life – Harlem River Drive
36) Gaetano Partipilo – Ocean Dance (feat. Heidi Vogel)

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Bonus Mix: Remnants Of Spring (Chapter 2)

• August 27th, 2013

More tunes that came to my ears this spring. Some new, some classic, all hot!

Featuring remixes of tunes by Ananda Project, Ralf GUM, Jazzanova and more, this is a mix of house tunes that starts out smooth & soulful then gradually picks up in intensity before closing out with some classic UK garage-style flavor.

The Afterglow returns September 5th!

1:40:34 / 185MB / 256k

1) Elise – Poseidon [Yoruba Soul Mix]
2) Black Coffee feat. Nomsa Mazwai & Black Motion – Traveller
3) Mi Casa – Heavenly Sent [Qb Warm Days Remix]
4) Ralf GUM – Everything (feat. Jocelyn Mathieu) [Ezel Vocal Mix]
5) Uptown Funk Empire – You’ve Got To Have Freedom [Uraz Kurt Remix]
6) Le French Brassierie – Sunflowers [Original Mix]
7) Jazzanova feat. Vikter Duplaix – That Night [Wahoo Mix]
8) Mistura feat. Kendra Cash – Smile [Shur-i-kan Future Vox]
9) Ananda Project – Where Do You Come From (feat. Terrance Downs) [DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Dub]
10) Ananda Project – Love Like This [All Over My Dub Mix]
11) Tiger Stripes – Consecration (feat. Hanna Hais) [Tiger Stripes Dub]
12) Ralf GUM – Burning Star (feat. Kefele) [Kefele Mix]
13) Ananda Project – Heaven Is Right Here [Danny Krivit & Dazzle Drums Vocal]
14) Ralf GUM – The Only Way (feat. Kenny Bobien) [Terry Hunter Mix]
15) Kirk Franklin – September [HGM & Soul ‘N’ Vibes Remix]
16) Bleep District – Um Bongo [Original Mix]
17) Rasmus Faber – No Surprises [Extended Mix]
18) Ananda Project – Beautiful Searching [Rasmus Faber Remix]
19) Bastien Laval – Maya [Club Mix]
20) Ananda Project – Menage A Trois [Mr. Terrible Bit ‘N Pieces Remix]
21) Grant Nelson - Phantasm

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Bonus Mix: Remnants Of Spring (Chapter 1)

• August 18th, 2013

I've been away for a while so in anticipation of The Afterglow's return, I hooked up a lil' ear candy for you   

An epic mix of Nu-Jazz & House flavors that turns a bit deep around the halfway point, then finishes with some gorgeously smoothed-out house tunes.

This mix features tunes that were released in the spring and classic gems that I re-discovered during the spring.

The Afterglow returns with show #41 on September 5th

1:38:07 / 180.3MB / 256k

1) Elements Of Life – Barbara Ann
2) The Foreign Exchange – Fight For Love [Nicky Mendes and Basil ’66 Remix]
3) Pepe Pachuma – Bossa Nights
4) Bev Lee Harling – Why Don’t You Do Right? [Suonho Remix]
5) Blak Beatniks – Celebration [Midnite Jazz Mix]
6) Ambient Jazz Ensemble – Jazz Face [Simbad Rainy Remix]
7) Kid Loco – My Daddy Waza [Ezequiel Lodeiros Latinazo Dub]
8) Glenn Underground – Trust [Calypso Unreleased Mix]
9) Iestien Santos – Barra de Tijuca [Paulistas Mix]
10) Gerardo Frisina – Tokyo’s Dream
11) Christian Prommer – Chocopop Jazz
12) L.E.D. – Street Cooking
13) Monodeluxe – Looking At My Shoes
14) Falty DL – Finally Some S***/ The Rain Stopped
15) Pezzner – Chapter Two
16) Isolee – Thirteen Times An House
17) Dirty Vegas – Emma [Bachelors Of Science & M3 Dub]
18) Praful – Underworld [Antonio Ocasio Calor Remix]
19) Colman Brothers – Some Other Wonder [Sunlightsquare Remix]
20) Elements Of Life – I Dream A World
21) Elements Of Life – Live Your Life For Today
22) Ahmed Sirour – FORePLAYING [Ahmed’s Sensual House Remix]
23) Atjazz – 13.10.11 13.11.11
24) Debonair – Flights Over Egypt

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Bonus Mix: House Of Jazz Vol. 3

• March 22nd, 2013

This one's for the House-Heads out there.

Another soulful, jackin’ set of house jamz laced with jazz flavor.  Starts out jazzy and gets downright funky at the end.

I figured since I'm making you wait 4 weeks between Afterglow shows, I would give you a lil' something to hold you til then.

Checkout Vol. 2 here >>

Checkout Vol. 1 here >>

1) Joshua Gilliand – Jazz (As A Religion)

2) Flapjackers – Magic In Your Eyes [J. Lettow’s More Vibe Mix]

3) CRS – Jazzy Joint [Original Mix]

4) Doc Link – Music 101 [Original Mix]

5) Damir Pushkar & B. Original feat. J.A. M.O.N. – We Got The Jazz [Andrew Lozano Remix]

6) Kerri Chandler – Rain [atjazz remix]

7) Mi Casa – La Vida [atjazz remix]

8) Ralf Gum – Burning Star [Sir LSG Vocal Mix]

9) Corrine Bailey Rae – Like A Star [Cecil’s Mind Mix]

10) CRS – Searchin’

11) Soulplate Records – Rollin’

12) Richard Earnshw pres. Modified People – We Are (Original Mix)

13) Audiowhores feat. Dyanna Fearon – Don’t Let Them In [vocal dub]

14) Illvibe Collective – Heavy Soul [Foremost Funk Edit]

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Show #40

• March 8th, 2013

Welcome to show 40!

This one’s a pretty upbeat episode with plenty of impromptu mixing. Phase 1 features new music from K.Sabroso, DJ Cecil, Illvibe Collective, Glenn Underground, Ozzman the Producer, Ruslan, Sivion, Mark de Clive-Lowe and the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. It also features the debut of my latest original house track "Bob's River", which you can get as a FREE download on Soundcloud & Bandcamp.

Phase 2 features a soulful set of  Nu-Disco in the DJ Mix.

Phase 3 features beautiful tunes from Indigo Jam Unit, Full Crate & Jesse Boykins III, Nia Andrews, Mara Hruby and Phillip Owusu.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Colman Brothers – On A Better Day I’m Dreamin’ (Tall Black Guy Remix)

2) K. Sabroso - Me Encantan las Morenitas (Los Chicos Altos ft. Voodoofunk Remix)

3) Kafele Bandele feat. Eliki – Secret (Cecil’s Beatdown Mix)

4) Eddy & Yannah – Can’t Hide Love

5) Illvibe Collective – Heavy Soul [feat. Rep Life & Cecilia Stalin] (Foremost Poets Adventure)

6) The King Midas Project – Bob’s River

7) Ralf Gum – Burning Star [feat. Kefele] (Glenn Underground’s TransAtlantic Mix)

8) Mi Casa – La Vida

9) Ozzman The Producer – Come To Me… [feat Zama]

10) Ruslan – Ready For The World [feat. Lecrae & Chris Cobbins]

11) Sivion – The Inevitable (Freddie Bruno Remix)

12) Soulive – Tuesday Night’s Squad

13) Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra – El Dia Perfecto

Phase 2: DJ Mix

14) The Players Union – Barry & Marvin

15) Thievery Corporation – El Pueblo Unido (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Dub)

16) The O’Jays – Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Deep&Disco Rework)

17) Deep & Disco – So Tight

18) Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo – I Believe (Simbad Remix)

19) Bonobo – All In Forms (FaltyDL Remix)

20) Erykah Badu – I Want You (J. Boogie Moombah Remix)

21) Mr. De – Please Believe It

22) Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Get Up Lift Up yourself

23) Bonobo – Cirrus

24) Jazzanova – Let Your Heart Be Free

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

25) Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra – Heaven

26) Indigo Jam Unit – Graduation Day

27) Mr. Fuzz – Jazz Woman

28) Full Crate & Jesse Boykins III – See With Me

29) Nia Andrews – The Lovers

30) Mara Hruby – Simply Beautiful

31) Phillip Owusu - Goodnight

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Show #39

• January 25th, 2013

Welcome to show 39!

This time out we feature tracks from the Chris Dave and The Drumheadz Mixtape, Lydia Rene, Tracy Cruz, Omar, Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, K. Sabroso, Nubian Twist, Headnodic, Jae Franklin & more!

Plus an hour-long DJ Mix of smooth soulful house.

Enjoy the show and thank you for including me in the soundtrack of your life.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and Other Goodies

1) Chris Dave – Didn’t Exist

2) Lydia Rene – Only In Time

3) Tracy Cruz – Joyful Rain

4) Chris Dave – Slim & Juicy (feat. Sy Smith)

5) Positive Flow – Do What I Do (feat. Omar)[PeeJay Remix]

6) Omar – It’s So…

7) Reunion – Strange Attention [Seiji Instrumental Remix]

8) Mzee – Umoja / The Flute Song [DJ Cecil’s Beatdown Remix)

9) Elastic Bond – Pierdo el Control [K. Sabroso’s Sophistifunk Mix]

10) Nubiyan Twist – Figure Numatic

11) Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra – Take The Space Trane

Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) Sofy Encanto – Once Again [The Soul Creative Mix]

13) Feet – Nightlife [eEsa’s Quinto Remix]

14) Josh Milan – Your Body [Dance Ritual Dub]

15) The Layabouts – As Long As you Believe (feat. Omar) [BB Boogie Remix]

16) Kings Of Tomorrow – Dreams (feat. Haze) [Rasmus Faber Remix]

17) Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Why (feat. Nia Andrews) [MdCL Club Mix]

18) Omar – Lay It Down [Andre Loderman Remix]

19) Nacho Marco & Paul Hardcastle Jr. – Callisto [Forteba Remix]

20) Glenn Underground – You Are Love [Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix]

21) Elements Of Life feat Josh Milan – Children Of The World [Louie Vega Remix]

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

22) Headnodic – Zaya [Original Version]

23) Peven Everett – World Love

24) Jae Franklin – Costa Biscaya

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Show #38

• December 1st, 2012

Greetings my friends! Welcome to another episode of cool vibes & classic beats.

This time out we highlight music from Positive Flow’s new album “Flow Lines”. We also have new music from Alice Russell, Dwele, S.O., The Layabouts, and another track from Ralf Gum’s new album. You will also hear tracks from the new album by Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – a virtual production dream team – at the top of the show as well as in the DJ mix. You’ll also hear the wonderful voice of Heidi Vogel in phases 1 & 3.

Speaking of the DJ Mix, it kicks off with some broken beats and gradually smoothes out into some jazzy breaks & nu-jazz. The mix features music from Cecilia Stalin, K. Sabroso, Afronaught, Full Crate, Glenn Underground, Louie Vega and more!

Phase 3 features new music from Kareem Manuel, Joomanji, Mint Condition & Jae Franklin. We close out the show with a nice mellow track from EOTL – our friends over at

Thanks for allowing me into the soundtrack of your life.

Be sure to leave a comment and if you dig the show, please share it with your friends!  Enjoy!

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks – Celebrate

2) Alice Russell – Heartbreaker

3) Dwele - What Profit

4) Positive Flow - Do What I Do (feat. Omar)

5) S.O. - I Am (feat. Shai Linne)

6) The Layabouts - Bring Me Joy (feat. Portia Monique)

7) DJ Le Baron feat. Heidi Vogel - Show Me The Way [M.O.D. & Staffan Thorsell Remix]

8) Ralf GUM - Burning Star (feat. Kafele)

9) Colman Brothers - El Nino (Grc Remix)

10) The Glimmer Twins – Snatch

11) Colman Brothers - Mr. DG [The Herbaliser Remix]

Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) Cecilia Stalin - Afro Blu (Daz I Kue's Bruk Step Refix)

13) Afterculture - Talking Bout The Music

14) Jon Cutler presents - Dawn (Afronaught Reconstruction)

15) Positive Flow - Orange & Brown

16) Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks - Stars Shine For You

17) Marc Mac – Footwork

18) K. Sabroso – Garifunasty

19) Mark de Clive-Lowe - Get Started ft Omar (Full Crate Remix)

20) Roy Davis Jr. – Wonderland

21) Glenn Underground - Strumming & Thinking

22) Truby Trio - Alegre 2004 feat. Marcia Montez (Louie Vega's Elements Of Life Main Mix)

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

23) Kareem Manuel - Fly Away (ft. Sean C. Johnson)

24) Joomanji - Where Are You (Love For JL) (feat. Lindsay Olsen & Copasetic)

25) Mint Condition - SixFortyNine/Changes (feat. Nathan Miller, Eric Leeds & Brother Ali)

26) Positive Flow - Universal Truth (feat. Andre Espeut, Heidi Vogel)

27) Jae Franklin - Morning Glory

28) EOTL - Resting Beauty (dream mix)

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Show #37 (XL)

• October 29th, 2012

Hello friends, Show 37 is here! Since I’m not able to post a show every 2 weeks right now, I decided to play some of the extra tunes I’ve been sitting on. This show goes for an extra 40 minutes. I hope you enjoy the extra music :-)

Highlights include new music from Ralf Gum’s phenomenal album “Never Leaves You”, tracks from Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP”, new music from Dwele, Propaganda, K. Sabroso and more. Also we have 2 remixes of Jill Scott’s classic tune “Golden”. The 1st remix comes courtesy of Fr33dom People. Be sure to check out their website the next time you’re looking for some new music Click on the “we recommend” tab for their hand-picked recommendations.

Our DJ Mix is a set of Soulful House that starts out deep, turns a little latin, then concludes with 3 epic throwback remixes from Sir Piers and Masters At Work.

Our chilled vibes feature 3 tunes that showcase the phenomenal piano skills of Robert Glasper as well as the phenomenally talented Diggs Duke and Esperanza Spalding.

Thank you for allowing me into the soundtrack of your lives. Enjoy the show!

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Ta-ku – Smile

2) Positive Flow - Children of the Sun (feat. Heidi Vogel)

3) Ralf GUM - Never (feat. Jon Pierce & Kafele)

4) Jill Scott - Golden (jake devere & martin east's mundial mix)

5) Luehning - All Over

6) Ralf GUM - Everything (feat. Jocelyn Mathieu)

7) Dwele - Swank  (feat. Monica Blaire)

8) Robert Glasper Experiment - Afro Blue (9th Wonder's Blue Light Basement Remix) [feat. Erykah Badu and Phonte]

9) Propaganda - Conquer feat. Theory Hazit

10) Tensei – Passport

11) Dwele - Obey [Applejac's Thrill Sergeant remix]

12) Ojos De Brujo - Ventilator R-80 [Suonho Broken Rhumba Remix]

13) K. Sabroso - Take Five (ft. Afroqbano & Jonny Butter)

14) David Borsu – Jazzus

15) Aquarius Lounge Life – NuCe

Phase 2: DJ Mix

16) Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love [Ralf GUM Main Mix]

17) Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed [Original Mix]

18) Trans of Life - Foi Voce [TOL Vocal]

19) Tuccillo - Quartetto O'batalistico [Main Mix]

20) Tiger Stripes - Song For Edit [Original Mix] (feat. Kerri Chandler)

21) Jill Scott - Golden [Sir Piers Remix]

22) James Ingram - Lean On Me [MAW remix]

23) Masters at Work pres. George Benson - Song For My Brother [Kenlou 12-inch Mix]

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

24) Omar Sosa - La Tra [basephunk mix]

25) Dego - The Monarch

26) L.A. Mitchell - Things We Do For Love

27) Robert Glasper Experiment - The Consequences Of Jealousy (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello) [Georgia Anne Muldrow's Sassy Geemix]

28) Diggs Duke featuring Vaughan Octavia - IS IT LOVE? (Thundercat Cover)

29) Robert Glasper Trio – Downtime

30) Esperanza Spalding - Smile Like That

31) Abiah - September

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Show #36

• September 20th, 2012

Hello friends! I have returned with another dose of good music for you and I’m feeling pretty soulful this week. Once again we open with a head-nodder from Tall Black Guy – who is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers. Phase 1 highlights include new music from one of my long-time favorites, Lecrae – who with no airplay still managed to land at #3 on the billboard top 200 with his new album “Gravity”, soul music from Gensu Dean & Olivier Daysoul, Tracy Cruz, and Range Da Messenga. We also have music from the Giles Peterson Brownswood Bubblers Eight compilation via Def Sound as well as a very deep, personal commentary on fatherhood from Humble Beast emcee Propaganda.  Phase 1 also features the latest single from Ralf Gum & Monique Bingham – with Monique herself on the remix. Expect to hear other mixes of this tune on future shows. Blue Six and Raw Artistic Soul close out Phase 1.

Our DJ mix features nu-jazz, chilled house and nu-disco. Just enough to get you moving.

Phase 3 begins with a totally new take on Prince’s classic tune “When Doves Cry”. I urge you to listen to the whole thing before you decide how you feel about it. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band bless the DJ mix as well as Phase 3, after beautiful tunes from Lenny Hamilton Jr., Water Seed & Ana Tijoux. We close out with another track from Lecrae’s “Gravity” album.

Thanks for listening and loving the music. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Enjoy the show!

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Tall Black Guy - I Wanna Play Summthin' For You

2) Lecrae - Mayday (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Ashthon Jones)

3) Gensu Dean – (Wantchu feat. Olivier Daysoul)

4) Tracy Cruz - Love's Galaxy

5) Range Da Messenga – GONE

6) Def Sound - (A)Gain

7) Tall Black Guy Productions - The Return Of Here & Now(feat. The Primeridian, Shey Rock & Allegra Dolores)

8) Propaganda - I Ain't Got An Answer (feat. Sho Baraka)

9) Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love (The Bigga Bingham Experience)

10) Blue Six - You Used to Rock

11) Raw Artistic Soul - Flores Para Ti (feat. Rafael Cortes)

Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) Gerardo Frisina – Zambele

13) Aquarius Lounge Life – Monte

14) Jihad Muhammad – Ascension [Piano Mix]

15) DJ Circle feat. Simon Green – Don’t Blame Me [RyB Piano Dub]

16) Ennio Morricone – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly [Swell SessionRemix]

17) graphiqsgroove – malachitegreen

18) King Kooba – Let Me!

19) Stephanie Cooke – If I Have To Change [URH Dub]

20) Magic Number -  Sun Song

21) Joey Negro & the Sunburst Band – Take It To The Top (feat. Noelle Scaggs)

22) Shiny Objects – Set It Off [Hot Toddy Remix]

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

23) Abiah – Doves

24) Lenny Hamilton Jr. - the ONE

25) Water Seed - Feel Like I Do (Introductions) with Jon Bibbs

26) Ana Tijoux – Volver

27) Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Opus De Soul

28) Lecrae - Lucky Ones (feat. Rudy Currence)

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Show #35

• August 2nd, 2012

Hello once again my friends. Lots of good music 4 U as always.

Phase 1 features music from Tall Black Guy, Beautiful Eulogy, B. Reith, Zaki Ibrahim, Freddie Joachim, Jazzinvaders and more. Be sure to go HERE > < and checkout the Compilation “On Deck”.  I played 2 tracks from it in phase 1, but there’s a lot more to love.

Phase 2 feature a mix of Nu-Disco & House highlighted by reworks from Suonho & Discomofo plus new music from Grant Nelson. In show 34 you heard Suonho’s re-work of the classic “The World Is A Ghetto” by WAR. Well as those of you old enough to remember know, George Benson also recorded a version of that song and Suonho added his touch to that one too. It’s the 1st song in the mix.

Phase 3 opens with a classic soul tune from Mint Condition and also features music from Shenea, Conya Doss & Zaki Ibrahim. We close out with a classic Jazzanova remix of “Amazon Adventure” by Azymuth.

As always, thank you for inviting me into the soundtrack of your lives.

Enjoy the show and please get in touch.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, and Other Goodies

1) Tall Black Guy - Run The Fantastic Race

2) Beautiful Eulogy - An Open Letter to Whoever's Listening

3) B.Reith - Lonely Hearts Club (ft. Kevin Olusola) [KO Remix]

4) Zaki Ibrahim - Something In The Water

5) Beautiful Eulogy – Surrender

6) Freddie Joachim - End Of The Universe

7) State Of Monc – Clippertron

8) Gerardo Frisina - Cogele el Ritmo

9) Hello Revolution - Kill Jesus, Praise Judas (Live from Tree Sound)

10) Jazzinvaders - The Sunchaser

11) JoASH – Salome

Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto [Suonho ReEdit]

13) The Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida feat. Kojato [Suonho Spirit Of 70s RMX]

14) Grace Jones - Pull Up To My Bumper (Discomofo Rework)

15) Timo Garcia & Manu Delago - The Hang Track Pt. II

16) Osunlade – Butterfly [Kiko Navarro's New Life Remix]

17) Jazzanova - I Human feat. Paul Randolph [The Mike Huckaby Jazz Republic Downtempo Mix]

18) Grant Nelson pres. Departure Lounge - Time Ties

19) Steve Mill & Elias Tzikas - Christie's Inner Thoughts [Main Mix]

20) Gerardo Frisina - Moderno Primitivo (Discomofo Rework)

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

21) Mint Condition - Let Me Be The One

22) Shenea - Can't Live Without You

23) Conya Doss - Don't Change

24) Jazzinvaders - Dudu [Phil Martin Remix]

25) Zaki Ibrahim - Flux Capacitor

26) Woolfy vs Projections - We Were There

27) Azymuth - Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Remix)

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Show #34

• June 23rd, 2012

Hello friends! Welcome to show #34. I have a nice energetic set of cool vibes and classic beats for you this time around.  Phase 1 features music from B. Reith, Alex Faith (feat. Suzy Rock), Sam Irl, a remix from Astroheadz, Bart & Baker, Todd Edwards and an update of a classic tune from WAR.

Our DJ Mix is a portion of House of Jazz Vol. 2 – a nice set of jazz-flavored, soulful house.

Listen & download the whole mix Here>> <<

or Here >> <<

Phase 3 features plenty of jazz flavor from the likes of Cleveland Jones & Ahmed Sirour, Buddy Sativa, Hai Le, Free The Robots, Radio Citizen (remixing a Hidden Jazz Quartet tune), and Courtney Pine.

As always, thank you for including me in the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show and please get in touch.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Tall Black Guy - Sparkling Adventure

2) B.Reith - Simple Days (Remix)

3) Alex Faith - Runways [feat. Suzy Rock]

4) Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra – BoomWack

5) K Sabroso - Toque de Limon

6) Sam Irl - Oh Mother [featuring Smizuler & The Helmets]

7) Erin Leah and N'Dinga Gaba – Rocker (AstroHeadz Remix)

8) Bart & Baker - Communication (feat. Slim Gaillard) [KeX Radio Edit]

9) Todd Edwards - If You Want

10) Cool Affair – Nemukwasa

11) WAR - The World Is A Ghetto (suonho ReEdit)

Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) Lebzito feat. Thulipilis - Singing (Miloe SoulTwins House Journey Remix)

13) Ananda Project - Big Boat (Relight Acoustic Dub)

14) Louie Vega feat. Blaze – Love Is On The Way (Rhythm Mix)

15) Marlon D pres. Colombia Soul Orchestra - Chand en Laureles (Sancocho Sin Leña Mix)

16) Marcelo Nassi & Rik-Art - Emotion Is Good (4 Da People_s Balearic Touch)

17) Justin Imperiale - The Sound (Deep Mix)

18) Wyze & Joy Halliday - B-Piper

19) Dolls Combers feat. Kholi Twala - Absorb The Light (DC Absorb Mix)

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

20) Cleveland Jones & Ahmed Sirour – Sensitive

21) Hai Le - December Wind (Nujabes Tribute)

22) Schwarz & Funk - Pikes Nights

23) Columbia Nights - In The Glow

24) Buddy Sativa - Una Peripecia

25) Hidden Jazz Quartett - Wälzer´s Momentum (by Radio Citizen)

26) Free the Robots - Session Two

27) Courtney Pine - Invisible (Higher Vibe)

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Show #33

• May 16th, 2012

Hello friends! Welcome to show 33. Lots of good music in store for you as always. Phase 1 features lyricism from Othello & The Pocket Change Band and Creature Clan, another track from Cecilia Stalin's new album, smooth & soulful electronics from Laszlo and Dego, broken beats from Sam Jones, Inverse Cinematics, Dusty & Mark de Clive-Lowe. Plus jazzy flavor from MAW, Povo & Jazz Juice. 

The DJ Mix features Nu-Disco, House and Electro-Jazz.

 Phase 3 is brief, but it features wonderful tunes from Jazzanova, Scrimshire and Hidden Orchestra.

 Thank you for including me in the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Sinitus Tempo - Sound of Sweetness

2) Othello + The Pocket Change Band - Bloom

3) Creature Clan - Images

4) Laszlo - NRV

5) Cecilia Stalin - CPW

6) Dego - Right From Wrong

7) Dego - We Are Virgo

8) Sam Jones -Joyful

9) Inverse Cinematics - Sundrops

10) Dusty - Salsa Step

11) Incognito - Feel The Pressure (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix)

12) Rain - Give It Up (MAW Flute Instrumental)

13) Jazz Juice - Atravessar

14) Povo - Uam Uam


Phase 2: DJ Mix

15) Hot Toddy - Down to Love

16) Miguel Migs feat. Capleton - The System (Petalpusher Salted Disco Dub)

17) Laszlo - Satori (Laszlo Nu Disco Remix)

18) Crazy P - Heartbreaker

19) Lovebirds - Want You In My Soul [feat. Stee Downes]

20) Miguel Migs - Close Your Eyes (Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Mix)

21) Soulstice - Realistic (Aquanote Remix)

22) Ragout De Lapin - Ginger Vibes (Short Version)

23) Simon Weiss - Monty Collective ABC


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

24) Jazzanova - Dial A Cliché

25) Scrimshire - A Promise Is All It Was

26) Hidden Orchestra - Tired And Awake

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Show #32

• April 26th, 2012

The hiatus is over and the cool vibes & classic beats are back!  Welcome to show #32. Phases 1 & 3 feature new music from Robert Glasper, Cecilia Stalin, Trip Lee & Esperanza Spalding. I recommend you give all of their new albums a listen. I also played a track from Othello + The Pocket Change Band. Theirs is a project well worth checking out as well. I also played a new track from One51 feat. Heidi Vogel. I would love to hear a whole album's worth of this collaboration, but we’ll just have to see.  Phase 1 includes house flavor from Louie Vega and The Layabouts.  The DJ Mix is a smooth set of broken beats.

You might notice that my voice sounds a bit rough on this show. I’ve been a bit sick this week but… the show must go on :-)

Thank you all for allowing me into the soundtrack of your lives. Enjoy!!

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) DJ Tonk - Let It Rain (instrumental)

2) Robert Glasper Experiment - Move Love [feat. KING]

3) Othello + The Pocket Change Band - I See You Out There [feat. Neenah & Just J.]

4) Cecilia Stalin - Step Like a Giant

5) Trip Lee - Fallin' [feat. J. Paul]

6) Reel People - Golden Lady (Louie Vega Roots Mix)

7) The Layabouts - Perfectly [feat. Shea Soul] (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)

8) The Layabouts - Do Better [feat. Portia Monique] (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)

9) One51 feat. Heidi Vogel - Elevate (Original Mix)

10) Jazzanova - Lucky Girl

11) Esperanza Spalding - I Can't Help It

Phase 2: DJMix

12) 60 Hertz Project - Impact Soul

13) Forces Of Nature - Timeless

14) Sunlightsquare - Heaven Only Knows (Mustafa Jazzy Groove Remix)

15) Irfan Rainy And Rex Leon - Singer Of Songs (Groove Assassin Alternative Mix)

16) Santos - Amante

17) Filipe Narciso - Sorrow

18) Jack Dixon - 60 Miles

19) Jaymz Nylon - Solamente Su Voz (Only Your Voice)

20) Dego - Not In My Disco

21) Soulstice - Colour (atjazz remix)

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

22) Esperanza Spalding - Cinnamon Tree

23) Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) [feat. Ledisi]

24) Trip Lee - Good Thing [feat. Leah Smith]

25) Jaffa - Velocifero

26) Laszlo - Satori (Todd Baker Remix)

27) Ahmed Sirour - Move Love (Bossa Soula Remix) - feat Robert Glasper & KING

28) Cecilia Stalin - Favorite Seduction

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Show #31

• February 24th, 2012

Hello friends! Welcome to the 31st session of cool vibes & classic beats. Plenty of tasty ear candy 4U 2 enjoy this time around. Phase 1 features a new track from Braille, “Lift Up”. This song is from the compilation “ presents King Kulture”. Proceeds from the sale of this album will go to help the Ecole de la Borne school in The Congo. Please click >>HERE<< for details. Phase 1 also several other goodies including jazz tracks from The Louie Gee Ensemble, Lord Bubba’s Nu-Jazz Project, and Jazz Juice.

Our DJ mix is a soulful house session entitled “Future Classics… Of The Past”.    It features tracks that aren’t old enough to be called “classic” yet, but down the line I think they will be. This mix features some house re-makes or remixes of classic hits from years past that are destined to be classics in their own right.  “Who Can I Run To?” “Golden” “Every Breath You Take” “What You Won’t Do For Love” are just a few of the titles included in this mix. There’s even a song written by Johnny Cash!  With tracks from Osunlade, Grant Nelson, Richard Earnshaw, Ezel, Scott Wozniak, Maurice Joshua and more, this mix thumps from start to finish!  Press play and turn up the volume. To quote The Borg, “resistance is futile”.  So just dance around and enjoy this one.

Special shout out to Richard Earnshaw, Grant Nelson and Scott Wozniak for opening up their private stashes and sharing some gems with us.

Phase 3 opens with Laura Mayne’s version of the Minnie Ripperton classic, “Inside My Love” and closes with a classic from Rinocerose from 1999. Of course, there are a few gems in between.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the soundtrack of your life.


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Floyd The Locsmif - Still Luv' Huh…

2) Braille – Lift Up

3) Haezel - This Is Dope (feat. Ebrahim)

4) Kan Sano - The Truth

5) Soulparlor - Nothing Ever Changes (feat. Jacob and the Appleblossom)

6) Part Time Heroes - Realise (Landslide Remix)

7) Lanu - der Hotel Blume

8) Bitter:Sweet - Get What I Want

9) Cecilia Stalin - Summers Coming

10) The Louie Gee Ensemble – Scrabble

11) Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz Project - Big Baby

12) Jazz Juice - The Kicker

Phase 2: DJ Mix

13) Bucie - Get Over It (Ezel Remix)

14) Vivian Green - What Is Love (Yoruba Soul Mix)

15) Dawn Tallman - Who Can I Run To (Bam’s Main Vocal)

16) Jill Scott - Golden (Grant Nelson Remix)

17) The Police - Every Breath You Take (Scott Wozniak remix)

18) Vick Lavender feat R.J.Green - Do For Love (Vick Lavender's All Soul Full Vocal)

19) Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon feat. Vaceo - Singer Of Songs (Club Mix)

20) Undercover Joe - Where You Belong

21) Grant Nelson - Stealing Love

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

22) Laura Mayne - Inside My Love

23) Gotta - Story I (feat. Lene Riebau) [Living Together]

24) Freddie Joachim – Morena

25) Aeroc - For Sake

26) Jesse Boykins III & Gora Sou - The Perfect Blues

27) Rinocerose - Mes Vacances A Rio

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Show #30

• February 3rd, 2012

Greetings friends! Welcome to show #30 of The Afterglow.  Phase 1 finds me in throwback mode with several tracks from 7-10 years back including music from Talib Kweli, Bugz In The Attic, Mr. Scruff, John Beltran and Down To The Bone. The Lone brand new joint came to us courtesy of Kaytronik who blessed us with a fierce broken beat remix of a Radiohead tune (thanks again, Vanessa). We opened the show with one of my original tracks from The Beat Collection Vol. 1: Traxx From da Vault.

The DJ Mix features some chilled house & nu-jazz with tracks from Merge Of Equals, Leftside Wobble, Massivian, Yam Who?, Jaffa , Ed Royal and more! Several danceable gems. If you enjoy the mix, you can come on over to and download it.

Phase 3 is brief, but the throwbacks continue…

Enjoy the show! Thank you for your support.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Waynebo – Set Me Free

2) Talib Kweli - Where Do We Go?

3) Gene Harris - Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong [Bugz In The Attic Remix]

4) Radiohead – Feral [K2 re-edit]

5) Atjazz - Touch The Sun [Dzihan & Kamien's Sun Care]

6) Lacarno & Burns – So Far

7) John Beltran - Kissed By The Sun

8) Jazzanova - Boom Clicky Boom Klack [Mr. Scruff remix]

9) Down To The Bone - Cooking With Gas

Phase 2: DJ Mix

10) Pat Appleton - Whats Next? [XMZ Mix]

11) Merge Of Equals - This Is How I Feel

12) JEN meets Busy People feat. Ella - Driving Rain [Massivian Remix]

13) Richard Earnshaw - Cry Me A River (Feat. Imogen)  [Leftside Wobble Extended Mix]

14) Belladonna - A New Born Day

15) Belleruche - It'll Come [Yam Who? Remix]

16) Natural Self - In The Morning

17) Islands Of Groove - Move Your Body [DJ Edition Chill Relax Mix]

18) Sharif D - The Heat Stepper [Original Mix]

19) DJ Mibor presents Chocolat Soul - Jazz Man [Original Mix]

20) Justin Klein – Vora

21) Jaffa - Shiksa Girls

22) Ed Royal - Sock It To Ya

23) Red Floyd – Loch

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

24) Scrimshire - Blue Sky

25) Language Lab - Burning Disater

26) Afterlife - Dub In Ya Mind

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Show #29

• January 19th, 2012

Welcome to my 29th set of cool vibes and classic beats. Phase 1 features new lyricism from Jean Grae and Theory Hazit, Hot remixes from Scrimshire and Ezel a classic hit from Rasmus Faber and some house sweetness from Grooveyard.

Our DJ Mix features Nu-Jazz and Electro-Jazz from the likes of The Five Corners Quintet, Monodeluxe, Povo, Artie Shaw, Bajka and many others.

Phase 3 features music from Avriel, Soulive, Samuel Jersak and more. We close out with a classic from 1986 from Bob James & David Sandborn feat. Al Jarreau.

You can download the DJ Mix at

Thank you for listening! Enjoy… and get in touch :-)

Phase 1: Beats & Other goodies

1) Audiodoctor - Elsa Island

2) Jean Grae - U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow

3) Theory Hazit - I Need You More Than Ever

4) Richard Earnshaw - Cry Me A River (Feat. Imogen Ryall) [Scrimshire Vocal Mix]

5) Quetzal Guerrero - Mundo Enganador [Ezel Remix]

6) Rasmus Faber feat. Melo - Never Felt So Fly

7) Grooveyard - Seven Mile

Phase 2: DJ Mix

8) The Five Corners Quintet - Three Corners [Nicola Conte's Sahib Samba Version]

9) Monodeluxe - Moving Out

10) Climatic – Aquarelo

11) Megablast – Over

12) EMO - First Time Experience [Povo Remix]

13) Artie Shaw - Prosschai [Minimatic Remix]

14) The Five Corners Quintet - Taxi Driver

15) Rodrigo Sanchez feat. Brenda Boykin – Black Berry

16) Expert Medicine - Useless [Mikael Delta Remix]

17) Toy Division - Budapest Resonance [Original Instrumental Version]

18) Bajka - The Hunting [Club Des Belugas Remix]

19) Sofi Hellborg - Wouldn't That Be Fun [Senorlobo & Watch TV Temix]

20) Trio Elétrico - Return Of The Coconut Groove [Raw Deal Mix]

21) Deco - Bouncing Brass

22) Club des Belugas - Something Big and Endless

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

23) Club des Belugas - Passing On The Screen

24) Samuel Jersak – Beautiful

25) Avriel – Jonah

26) Soulive - Joyful Girl

27) David Sanborn – Alcazar

28) Bob James & David Sanborn - Since I Fell For You (feat. Al Jarreau)

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Show #28 (XL 4 2012)

• January 8th, 2012

Happy New Year to all of you! To celebrate the new year, I have an extra-large dose of cool vibes and classic beats for you. More than 45 extra minutes of music for 4 U 2 enjoy! Plenty of soul in the opening tracks, then some classic uptempo throwback tracks, broken beats and plenty of jazzy flavor weaved throughout. Highlights include 2 remixes of classic Jill Scott tracks, plusc music from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Merge Of Equals, Scrimshire, Othello of Lightheaded, Yellowtail, DJ Daniel James, Lefthander, The Rhythm Slaves, Indigo Jam Unit, Soulstice, Bagelboy, Tawiah and many more!

No DJ mix for this show, but I did do some impromptu mixing just for fun. Also, that new track from Part-Time Heroes “So”, which I cut from the Christmas show at the last minute,  is the 1st track in the chilled vibes phase – which stretches well into the third hour.

Enjoy! And thank you for listening

Phase 1: Beats & Soul

1) J. Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project – Me & Cousin

2) Mark De Clive-Lowe - Everything (feat. Ovasoul7)

3) Merge Of Equals – Time Stops

4) Jill Scott - Golden [Rotary Connected Remix]

5) Scrimshire - Warm Sound feat. Inga-Lill Aker

6) Othello (of Lightheaded) - Shoot Past (featuring Olivia Warfield)

7) ONE51 Feat. Heidi Vogel - Bring Me to Your Life

Phase 2: Uptempo & Jazz

8) Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On? [MJ Cole Mix]

9) Jill Scott - Gettin In the Way (MJ Cole Mix)

10) Red Or Dred - How I Feel [Bad Ass Disco Mix]

11) Yellowtail - Foogaloo's Journey

12) Cedar - Blueprint  [Pete Rann reshape]

13) Mr. Stylus feat. Lena Grig - Deep & Slowly

14) Thomas Siffling Trio - Cruisen [Jelly Jam Highsteppin' Remix]

15) Lefthander - Breaking New Ground

16) Yosaku - Da Casa [Yosaku Re-Edit]

17) DJ Daniel James – Lost Love [Broken Mix]

18) Bagelboy – Eleanor

19) The Rhythm Slaves - Angel's Delight

20) The Rhythm Slaves - Forward Motion

21) graphiqsgroove – viridian

22) Hybrid Jazz - Bubble (Feat Stefane & Ben Of Blossom)

23) Indigo Jam Unit – Voyager

24) The New Cool Collective – Perry

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

25) Part-Time Heroes – So

26) Tawiah – Run

27) Kendra Ross - I'm So Okay

28) Merge Of Equals – Mina

29) Soulstice - Changes [King Kooba Downtempo Remix]

30) Radio Citizen – Birds

31) Don Gorda Project - Cielo Terso

32) Deco - Sending A Letter

33) CAN 7 - Day With Alex

34) Indigo Jam Unit - Hyo-Ten

35) Laura Kahle & The West End Composers Collective feat Kristin - Lighter Skies

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Show #27 (Christmas 2011)

• December 22nd, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!  This episode of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats features some holiday treats.  Phase 1 features holiday lyricism from The Ambassador, new holiday soul from LowBudgetCrew, tracks from OM Records “hOMe for the holidays” compilations - volumes 1 & 2, Re-interpretations of jazz classics from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special as well as a special appearance from our old pal Daffy Duck.

Phase 2 features some Christmas-flavored house goodness from Stephanie Cooke, Monique Bingham, Ananda Project & Kaskade plus classic tunes from DJ Gregory & Spiritchaser.

Phase 3 features a few Christmas classics from Take 6 & The Yellowjackets, Brian Mcknight & Alexander O’Neal. Also some beautiful feel-good tunes from Bob James, Chante Moore & Marc Antoine.

Be sure to check for this show's DJ Mix plus several of my other mixes.

**Note: During the broadcast I said there would be a new song from Part-Time Heroes. At the last second, I changed my mind and decided to play a new Christmas tune from Choklate. Look for the Part-Time Heroes track in show #28.

Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Rithma – Psycho Jingle Funk

2) Ambassador – Came Down (feat. S.O.U.L.)

3) Lowbudgetcrew - Christmas Wish (Kev Brown feat. Tazania)

4) J. Boogie - Dance of The Snowflake

5) The Mistletones & Rithma - Sunny Night

6) Kaskade - Peace On Earth [2011 Re-Master]

7) King Kooba - O Christmas Tree

8) Analog Players Society - Christmas Time Is Here [Steppers Version]

9) Wynton Marsalis Septet - Linus & Lucy

10) Bugs Bunny & Friends – The Christmas Song (feat. Daffy Duck)

Phase 2: DJ Mix

11) Tito Torres - Sunset Dream

12) Stephanie Cooke - It's X'mas

13) The Real Stardust Babies - After all it's Christmas time [piano chill house mix]

14) Ross Couch - Rising Up [Christian Malloni Remix]

15) Spiritchaser – Taiga

16) DJ Gregory - Elle [Criola Remix]

17) Frankie Feliciano – December (feat. Monique Bingham)

18) Kaskade - Still Still Still

19) Ananda Project - Christmas Lights

20) Jihad Muhammad - It's Holiday Time

Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

21) Take 6 (And The Yellowjackets) - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

22) Bob James - Glass Hearts

23) Chanté Moore - I Wanna Love (Like That Again)

24) Marc Antoine – Cubanova

25) Choklate – Tis’ The Season

26) Brian McKnight - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

27) Alexander O'Neal - Remember Why (It's Christmas)

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Show #26

• December 1st, 2011

Greetings! The cool vibes & classic beats are back for another session. After celebrating Thanksgiving just a few days ago, I’m still feeling quite thankful so after the opener you’ll hear a track by The Novelist from 2007 which expresses my feelings quite well. After that, we get straight into a MdCL remix of the latest from Nostalgia 77 and then the new single from Scrimshire. Phase 1 also features some nu-jazz from Japanese artist Graphiqsgroove as well as 2 Marc Mac remixes and a sweet one from Colman Brothers.


Our DJ mix is a portion of “House Of Gospel 2.0 (part1)”, a soulful, jackin’, uplifting house mix I posted to celebrate the holiday season and its true meaning. You can listen and download the entire mix (as well as several other mixes I’ve done) at


In Phase 3 we close out with music from Colman Brothers, Bonobo, Full Crate, a Dubmatix remix of Eccodek and DJ Pippi.


Thank you for listening and allowing my show to be part of the soundtrack to your life. Enjoy!

Please “like” and share this show with your friends.


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) The Stuyvesants – Yearning (for your love)

2) The Novelist – Liberty

3) Nostalgia 77 – Golden Morning [Mark de Clive-Lowe remix]

4) Scrimshire – Home (feat. Faye Houston)

5) Sarah Fonteyne – Breathe

6) Hybrid Jazz – Eagle Eyes (feat. Shea Soul)

7) The Pimps Of Joytime – Bonita [DJ Vadim remix]

8) Graphiqsgroove – Wistaria

9) Graphiqsgroove – Indigo

10) 24 Carat – Café Bahia [Marc Mac 4hero mix]

11) Sleepwalker – Brotherhood [Marc Mac Dirty Jazz mix]

12) Colman Brothers – Sem Amor [Rhythm & Brass mix]


Phase 2: DJ Mix

13) Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Dawn Tallman – Conqueror [Frankie Feliciano Mix]

14) Assurance & Fanatix – I Trust You (Psalm 143) [Fanatix Remix]

15) DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – To The Rock

16) Jasper Street Co. – Praisin His Name

17) Chieko Kinbara – Changed My Life [Code Red Vocal] (feat. Sharon Adams & Lisa Mack)

18) Kim English – Everyday [Maurice Joshua Club Mix]

19) Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke – Hold On To Me [Louis Bendetti Extended Mix]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

20) Colman Brothers – El Nino [Cha Cha mix]

21) Bonobo – Sleepy Seven

22) Full Crate – Cut The Barb

23) Eccodek – Voices Have Eyes [Dubmatix Cinematic Dub mix]

24) DJ Pippi feat. Lawrence B – 3 Letters (L.S.D.)

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Show #25

• November 1st, 2011

Hello once again my friends! I’m back with another dose of cool vibes and classic beats just 4 U.

Highlights include the 1st appearance of the 116 clique on The Afterglow. The track “Repentance” is from the “Man Up” soundtrack and I encourage you to check that out not just because its hot, but because the Man Up campaign is addressing a very critical issue: what it means to be a real man. Go to for more on this important campaign.


Phase 1 also features tracks from Illvibe Collective, Captain Planet, Miguel Migs and Louie Vega. In our jazz tracks you’ll hear an epic remix of a classic from Modern Groove Assembly as well as music from Randy Scott’s new album “90 Degrees at Midnight”.


Our DJ Mix features some soulful house vibes from the likes of Osunlade, Louie Vega, Jonny Montana, Wunmi, Kraak & Smaak and Reel People.


In phase 3 we close out with another track from Randy Scott, a remix of a classic Jill Scott track, music from Clara Hill, Povo and more.

Be sure to check the blog at for links to more from these talented artists.


Thank you for tuning in and allowing me to be part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show and please pass a link to your friends.


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, & Other Goodies

1) Roux Spana – Timeless

2) Illvibe Collective - Standard of Rhyme (feat. John Robinson & Fatin)

3) 116 - Repentance (feat. Lecrae, Trip Lee & Andy Mineo)

4) DJ Center - Center's Groove (Captain Planet Remix)

5) Captain Planet – Macumba

6) Miguel Migs - The System feat. Capleton

7) Dilouya feat. John Turrell and Sandra Nkake - The Way It Goes (Smoove Remix)

8) Anane - Let's Get High (Louie Vega Guitar Mix)

9) Modern Groove Assembly – Follow The Leader (remix)

10) Randy Scott - Everything Is Everything

11) Colman Brothers – Momo


Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) Wunmi – Sweet Lullaby (Yam Who? Rework)

13) Kraak & Smaak – Bobby & Whitney

14) Miguel Migs – Zuzu feat. Bebel Gilberto

15) Reel People – Sure feat. Darien

16) Osunlade – Yeku Yeku

17) Wunmi – Keep It Rockin’ (Pasta Boys Dubstrumental Remix)

18) Osunlade – A Day Without You

19) Mr. Deep & George Loops – Ritual Ceremony (Vital Mix)

20) Vick Lavender – Hey Baby(Call Me) [Jonny Montana Instrumental Mix]

21) Monodeluxe feat. Jannae Jordan – Time (Jonny Montana Vocal Mix)

22) Anane – Let Me Love You (Louie Vega EOL Instrumental)

23) Stephanie Cooke – Our Love (Montana Keys Dub)

24) Louie Vega – Vega 1


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

25) Randy Scott – Lady

26) Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Supreme Remix)

27) Clara Hill – Just Paradise (Clara Hill meets Georg Levin)

28) Povo - In The Morning

29) JazSyndicate – Two Of Us Together

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Show #24

• October 15th, 2011

Hello once again my friends! I’m back with another 2-hour dose of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats.

You’ll hear lots of soulful vibes throughout the show including new music from BUG, Miguel Migs, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Imaani, Sara Fonteyne and a special treats from Ahmed Sirour and The Original 7ven (the band formerly known as The Time). 


You will also hear classic tracks from Overstreet and Mr. Hermano and funky jazz vibes from Soulive and Marcus Miller. (The Overstreet track is such a classic I had to dub it from a cassette J)


Our chilled vibes feature music from the incomparable George Duke, The Rh Factor, Janita and Kaya Project.


No DJ Mix for this show but you can listen/download some of my mixes at

Of course there’s always more, so press play and check the playlist when you hear something you like.


Note: I mistakenly said that BUG’s “Mechanical Soul” EP was a free download. It isn’t free, but it is very good so please show him some love and download it wherever you buy music.


Please be sure to check out the blog over at  links to more good stuff from these artists!


Thank you for listening and allowing me to be part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, & Other Goodies

1) BUG - Reach The Clouds

2) Quantic and His Combo Barbaro – Mas Pan (DJ Day Remix)

3) Miguels Migs – Tonight  feat. MeShell Ndegeocello

4) Mark de Clive-Lowe – The Why  feat. Nia Andrews

5) Heather Johnson – Jazz (Sunday Morning)

6) Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Ahmed’s Get It Remix)

7) Omar and Zed Bias – Dancing

8) Reel People – Star  feat. Tony Momrelle

9) Imaani – Found My Light [Reel People Vocal Mix]

10) Zaki Ibrahim – Grow

11) The Original 7ven - #Trendin

12) Marcus Miller – Ooh

13) Soulive – Break Out

14) Soulive – Bridge To ‘Bama

15) Gregor Salto – Girl From Serrano

16) Alankara – Higher Love [Fender Edit]

17) Overstreet – Sapatos

18) BackRoomSounds – Too Late [Classic US Connection Mix]


Phase 2: Chilled Vibes

19) Sarah Fonteyne – Beautiful

20) George Duke – Chillin’

21) The Rh Factor – Forget Regret

22) Janita – Travels Of Your Mind

23) Mr. Hermano – Caxixi

24) Kaya Project – Elixir (feat. Omar Farouk Teklibek

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Show #23

• September 14th, 2011

Hello again my friends! I’m back with another dose of cool vibes and classic beats 4 U. As always, I have lots of good music to share. 


Highlights from phase 1 include a song from The Beatles (yes – John, Paul, George, & Ringo – those Beatles), a beautiful song from KING, a track from Mark de Clive-Lowe’s upcoming album, and a track from Los Angeles-based band Orgōne.


Our DJ Mix is a smooth set of soulful house jamz.


In phase 3 we close out with some jazz flavor from Colman Brothers, Povo and Erimaj.


Be sure to check out the BLOG over at for videos and links to more music from these artists. Look for “Goodies from show 23”.


For those of you who are on soundcloud, the show and the mixes will now also be available on my soundcloud page:


You can also find my DJ Mixes at


Thank you so much for tuning in and allowing me into the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Funky DL - Where I’m Coming From (instrumental)

2) The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Ahmed's Cold Remix)

3) KING - Supernatural

4) Mark de Clive-Lowe - Hooligan [feat. Nia Andrews]

5) DJ Spinna - We Can Change This World [feat. Heavy]

6) The Realm & V - One Chance (Domu Remix)

7) Orgōne - It’s Time Tonight

8) Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds (Nuspirit Helsinki Remix)

9) Kira Neris - Un Eta Sans Fin

10) Nostalgia 77 – When Love Is Strange


Phase 2: DJ Mix

11) Black Coffee – Superman [feat. Bucie] (Club Mix)

12) Kenny Bobien – Share (Abicah Soul Club Mix)

13) The Latin Project – Musica de Amour (Masters At Work Remix)

14) Ananda Project – Big Boat (Relight Nu Vocal Mix)

15) Heather Johnson – Million Miles (Alix Alvarez Album Remix)

16) Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble – Leave Me Alone [feat. Belinda]

17) Paris Cesvette – Give Me A Sign [feat. Nica Brooke] (Original Mix)

18) Ayce DJ & Karlito – Havana [feat. Paul Lee] (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

19) Matthew Bandy – Time Me [feat. Know] (Paris Cesvette Jack 2 Jazz Remix)

20) Serial Thrilla – Got To Try


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

21) Colman Brothers – On A Better Day

22) Povo – Celestial Blues

23) Erimaj – Conflict Of A Man

24) Aquarius Lounge Life - Kirtana

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Show #22

• August 18th, 2011

Hello friends! Welcome to Show #22 of The Afterglow. Good music to share with you as always. Highlights in phase 1 include another track from Mara Hruby, a Mark de Clive-Lowe remix and lively tune from Miles Davis.


The DJ Mix is a hot set of broken beats which smoothes out near the end to flow into the chilled vibes of phase 3. The DJ Mix kicks off with Ezel’s remix of the Michael Jackson classic “Rock With You”. The mix also features tracks from DOMU, Sy Smith & MdCL, Marc Mac, Mr. Scruff, Jihad Muhammad, and Ananda Project.


Phase 3 is brief, but sweet and features a beautiful tune from Amel Larrieux as well as a classic from Lux.


Be sure to check the BLOG over at for some extra goodies to go along with this music.

Thank you again for including me in the soundtrack of your life.

Enjoy the show and please leave some comments.


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and Other Goodies

1) Xperiment – Space Case

2) k-os – Patience

3) Mara Hruby – Character

4) Aaries - Don't Give It Up (MdCL RMX)

5) Monique Bingham - You.Me.World (Original Version)

6) Unforscene - Dangerous feat. Phil King (Part Time Heroes Remix)

7) Miles Davis – Catembe


Phase 2: DJ Mix

8) Michael Jackson - Rock with You (Ezel's Remix)

9) Tortured Soul - Home To You (DOMU Remix)

10) Sy Smith & MdCL - The Art of You

11) Jiro - Fyuta Funk

12) The Lushlife Project - The Mushroom Man (Gabor Deutsch Remiks)

13) Tarantulaz - They Forgot It feat. Monique Bingham (DOMU Remix)

14) Marc Mac – Backspin

15) Headson Groove - Scratch My Oscillators

16) Nu Era - Music Inside Machine

17) Bliss – Life

18) audioJazz feat. Yvonne Gage - My Freedom (Alexandra Hampton’s Deep Soul Remix)

19) Jazz Juice – Borboletta

20) Jihad Muhammad - No Way Back (Journey Mix)

21) dZihan And Kamien - Smile (Eddy And Dus Kontrapunkt Mix)

22) Mr. Scruff - Give Up To Get

23) Ananda Project - I Hear You Dreaming feat. Heather Johnson (Album Version)

24) Ananda Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss feat. Heather Johnson (Alternate Mix Re-Edit)

25) Lenny Mac Dowell - Ocean Drive South Beach


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

26) Amel Larrieux - No One Else

27) Afterlife - Breakfast At Benirras

28) Chieko Kinbara - Time To Love (Roots Vocal Mix)

29) Lux - Northern Lights

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Show #21

• August 3rd, 2011

Yo! The cool vibes and classic beats are back!

Greetings friends! The hiatus is over. Welcome to show #21 of The Afterglow. I have lots of good music to share as always. Phase 1 Highlights include new music from DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah, a track from the “Mind The Rap Vol. 1” compilation, a Mary Mary remix and some hot, jazzy vibes from Trans Of Life, The Nicola Conte Jazz Combo, Santos and Raw Artistic Soul.


I didn’t so a separate DJ Mix this time, but I did some impromptu mixing during the show which I will splice out and post on my website, soundcloud and mixcrate as “Afterglow Mix 21”. Follow me on twitter @waynebo248 for links!


Our Chilled Vibes feature a remix of the Ananda Project house classic “Cascades Of Colour”, music from Amel Larrieux, Weeland and The Urban Soul Collective, Dert (from “Mind The Rap Vol. 1”) and the 4hero remix of Santessa’s “Eyes On You”.


I’ve also included 2 of my original tracks from the FREE albums “The Beat Collection Vol. 1: Traxx From Da Vault” and “Sonic Landscapes”. Pleas click the products tab at check them out and leave comments.


Also be sure to check the blog at for the “Goodies for Show 21” for links to videos, compilations and other stuff from these artists.




Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Byram Joseph - Living For The Rush

2) Waynebo - Smoovetic

3) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Notorious

4) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Telephone

5) Sivion - The Inevitable

6) Mara Hruby - Lose Myself

7) Charity - Sounds Like Love

8) Mary Mary - Walking (Ezel Remix)

9) J Davis - Future Funk

[DJ Mix]

10) Praful - Sigh (Adani & Wolf Remix)

11) Uptown Funk Empire – Boogie

12) Incognito - Freedom to Love

13) Atelewo - New Day (instrumental)

14) Trans of Life - Delight Earth (TOL Original Mix)

15) Gerardo Frisina - Gica's Dance (reworked By The Nicola Conte Jazz Combo)

16) Santos - Love Made For Two

[end of DJ Mix]

17) Raw Artistic Soul – Abanico


Phase 2: Chilled Vibes

18) Ananda Project - Cascades of Colour (Sugar Love Mix)

19) Amel Larrieux - Gills & Tails

20) Weeland and the Urban Soul Collective – Prepositions

21) Slow Motion Replay - Down Stream

22) The King Midas Project - (the) M. F. I. C.

23) Dert - Black Pashmina

24) Red Hook Project – Reflections

25) Santessa - Eyes on You (4hero Mix)

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1st Anniversary Show

• May 30th, 2011

Greetings!  Welcome to the 1st Anniversary Show of The Afterglow.  To celebrate 1 year of cool vibes and classic beats, I decided to go through shows 1 thru 20 and pick out some of my favorites and replay them. I hope they were some of your favorites too.  This show is a little different in 2 ways: 1) I’ve changed up the order, playing the chilled vibes first and 2) It’s a bit longer than usual - 3½ hours.


So here’s how it goes for the anniversary show:

In hour #1: Lay back and kick your feet up

In hour #2: Nod ya head (for a minute), then snap your fingers and sing along

In hour #3: Get up and Dance!

In the finale: Enjoy the beautiful energy of jazz!


Thank you for tuning in over the last year and making me part of the soundtrack of your life. I hope you will keep coming back in year #2.

Please share a link with all of your friends.


**The Afterglow will return in July**


Chilled Vibes

1) J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science - Day At The Beach

2) Stee Downes - Obviously

3) Boozoo Bajou - Divers [Locoto Remix]

4) Di Johnston -  Come Undone

5) Janita – No Words

6) Tamia - Sittin’ On The Job

7) The Stuyvesants - Greene Ave. Anthem

8) Dwele - My People

9) Soulive – Mary

10) Jazzanova - Behold These Days (Berlin '74)

11) A Bossa Elétrica - Sob A Luz Do Sol

12) Reel People - Butterflies (feat. Dyanna Fearon)


Opening Beats

13) RJD2 – Ghostwriter

14) DJ Day – Sunday

15) Chief - Love Castel

16) Tall Black Guy - Stay With Me(Lady Of My Life)

17) Bonobo – Kiara


Soulful Vocal Jamz

18) Richard Earnshaw - Circles (feat. Nina Jayne)

19) Reel People - Can't Stop (feat. Angela Johnson)

20) DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – My World (Just A Girl)

21) Weeland and the Urban Soul Collective - Lil' sumthin

22) Leah Smith - Joy (feat. R-Swift)

23) Guru - Plenty (feat. Erykah Badu)

24) Sunlightsquare - As The Beat Goes On

25) Down To The Bone - Angel Baby (feat. N’Dambi)

26) Erik Rico & Marc Mac – Destiny

27) Mario Basanov feat. Akmeja - Summer Breeze


Uptempo Tracks

28) Colman Brothers - Another Brother [Remix]

29) Sunlightsquare - I Believe In Miracles [Broken Party Animal Mix]

30) JD73 - Into The Night

Broken Beats & House Mix

31) MdCL – Uplifted

32) Shur-I-Kan – Generations

33) Mr. Moon feat. Desy - Gonna Give You [Richard Earnshaw Remix]

34) [re:jazz] - Written In The Stars [Atjazz Remix]

35) Osunlade - Same Thing featuring Maiya James [Vocal Mix]

36) Stephanie Cooke - The Sweetest Thing [Ezel's Remix]

37) Warm Days feat. Swindle and Natalie Maddix - Selfish Skies [Atjazz Remix]

38) Kloud 9 - Love's Just Better With You [The Realm Vocal Mix]


Beautiful Jazz Energy

39) Christian Prommer's Drumlesson – Planeteria

40) Soul Jazz Orchestra - Rejoice, Pt. 2

41) RSL - Wesley Music

42) [re:jazz] - Rita [Dusty Remix]

43) Ed Royal - Tweak Da Jazz [Flashbaxx Remix]

44) Mr. Scruff - Stockport Carnival

45) Jazz Juice - Los Chicos

46) Quasimode - Lucky Luciano

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Show #20

• May 2nd, 2011

Late… but worth the wait!

Greetings friends! Welcome to show #20 of The Afterglow.  I apologize for the lateness of this post but, like many of you, my life gets a little crazy from time to time. Nevertheless, the cool vibes and classic beats are here… lots of good music as always.  Phase 1 opens up with 2 tracks from SENDAI SELECTIONS by Stone Detectives. The proceeds from this project will go to help the people in Japan who were the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Head over to to purchase a copy.  We also have tunes from Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) and JD73 among others.


Our DJ mix features house flavors that start off soulful, drift into some deep & funky and end on a smooth, soulful note.


Phase 3 features brand new music from Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle as well as music from 4hero and Richard Earnshaw.


As always, thank you for allowing me to be part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Stone Detectives - Modoyoshi

2) Stone Detectives - Yamlean

3) Gramatik - Loungin’

4) Atjazz - For Real (2011 Edition) Part 1 [Si Tew Remix]

5) Mr. Moon feat. Desy - Gonna Give You [Richard Earnshaw Remix]

6) MdCL presents Sy Smith – Truth

7) JD73 - Step By Step Feat. Fraser

8) JD73 - Into The Night

9) Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Another Thing

10) Mark de Clive-Lowe presents... - Eight

11) Illvibe Collective - Indigo Child

12) Jazz K.lipa - Musica

13) Ed Royal - Tweak Da Jazz


Phase 2: DJ Mix

14) MdCL feat. Ovasoul7 - Feels Like Home [Vocal Mix]

15) India.Arie - Headed In The Right Direction [Scott Wozniak Remix]

16) King Britt Presents Scuba ft. Lizz Fields - Our Time [King Britt's Funke Mix]

17) Pawas - Camel Blues

18) Inland Knights – Waster

19) White Soul Project - Give In [Earnshaw's Club Mix]

20) Choklate - The Tea [The Layabouts Main Vocal Mix]

21) Domu - Sail Away With Me [Rima Vocal Mix]

22) Rasmus Faber - Yes (feat. Dyanna Fearon) [The Realm Vocal Remix]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

23) Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle - Tell Me Why [album version]

24) 4hero - Sophia

25) Reel People - Butterflies (feat. Dyanna Fearon)

26) Richard Earnshaw - Rise (feat. Ursula Rucker & Roy Ayers)

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Show #19

• April 14th, 2011

Greetings! (or “what up doe!” as we say in my neck of the woods J)  Welcome to show #19 of The Afterglow.  More cool vibes and classic beats 4 U 2 enjoy!  We open Phase 1 with 2 tracks from Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz series (vols. 6 & 7 to be precise).  I’ve also included an original track of mine from The Afterglow EP by King Midas. As you might have guessed, that is the project that inspired this show.  There is also some good music from Truby Trio, Shazz Man, The Houdini’s and Samantha James.


Our DJ Mix in Phase 2 features the ultimate expression of the phrase “classic beats”. The title says it all: “Back In The Day Vol. 1: Classic Club/House 1982-87”.  Even if you’re not old enough to remember these tracks, it’s a mix you will enjoy. Old school classics from the dance floor. Be sure to get on over to and download the whole mix.


We open phase 3 with another original track from The Afterglow EP and then flow right into a classic from Lux and several other chillout gems. You should definitely grab your drink and your snack for this part J


As always, thank you for listening and for allowing me the privilege of being part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, and Other Goodies

1) Byram Joseph – Macheeto

2) J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – Alive (instrumental)

3) Samantha James – Life Is Waiting

4) Trüby Trio - Jaleo (feat. Concha Buika)

5) Shazz Man – Flavour

6) King Midas - One Foot In The Door

7) The Houdini's - Unleashed [Solo Moderna Remix]


Phase 2: DJ Mix

8) David Joseph – You Can’t Hide Your Love

9) Claudio Simonetti – I Love The Piano

10) Sinnamon – I Need You Now

11) Roundtree – Hit On You (Tony Humphries Dub)

12) Martin Circus – Disco Circus (2nd movement/DJ’s breakdown)

13) John Rocca – Move (Farley’s House Piano Mix)

14) Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (A Capella)

15) Inner City – Big fun

16) Ten City – That’s The Way Love Is (deep house mix)

17) J.M. Silk – Shadows Of Your Love

18) J.M. Silk – Let The Music Take Control

19) Colonel Abrams – Music Is The Answer

20) Sybil – Let Yourself Go (paradise mix)


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

21) King Midas - The King's Nitecap

22) Lux - So La Ra Dsa

23) Afterlife - The Alkemyst

24) Puna Syndicate – Bimmons

25) Blue Six - Aquarian Angel

26) Samantha James - Find a Way

27) Hidden Orchestra - Tired And Awake

28) Project 2000 - Namoro

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Show #18

• March 30th, 2011

Greetings!  Welcome to Show #18 of The Afterglow.  Another dose of cool vibes and classic beats 4 U 2 enjoy. We open the show with an original track of mine from a free album download: The Beat Collection Vol. 1 Traxx From Da Vault. By all means, check it out and leave a comment at  We also have some beautiful tunes from Julius Papp & Lisa Shaw, JD73, Modern Groove Assembly, RSL and Galaxy Group (among others).


Our Phase 2 DJ Mix returns this time around. We start the mix off with a brand new track from Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) and move into some soulful, jazzy house. The mix flows into some chilled house and nu-jazz at the end for a nice segue into the chilled vibes of phase 3.


Phase 3 is a bit short this time out, but it features a re-make of Heatwave’s classic tune “Star Of A Story” done up by Yam Who?


As always, thank you for allowing me to be part of the soundtrack of your life. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Waynebo – Ashes 2 Dust

2) Damu The Fudgemunk - How Many Of Us

3) Julius Papp feat. Lisa Shaw - Way Back [Broken Beat Vocal Mix]

4) JD73 - I See Feat. Fuzzy Jones

5) Modern Groove Assembly - Third Sign

6) Incognito - Everything Your Heart Desires [Bluey's Black Sunshine Remix]

7) Celda + Sonja - Hablando Tango

8) Chill Factor 5 - The Venus Effect

9) RSL - Wesley Music

10) Galaxy Group – Afrodiziak


Phase 2: DJ Mix

11) MdCL – Uplifted

12) The Rhythm Slaves - Forward Motion

13) Mena Keys - Ride the Wind [Mena Keys Club Mix]

14) Johnny Fiasco - Cielo Y Tiera

15) Hideo Kobayashi - Shiroi Mayu [Cortes Avantgarde Mix]

16) Rencause - Simple Rules [Beaucanon Remix]

17) Dimitri From Paris - Dim's Jazz (Latin's In the House)

18) The Houdini's - Hybrid [Diesler Remix]

19) Two Men Ahead - Paris Market Place

20) Naked Music - This Time Around

21) Aya - Looking for the Sun

22) Solanos - Infinite Fields

23) Ed Royal - Tweak Da Jazz [Flashbaxx Remix]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

24) Bluecat - Chill Reception

25) Art Bleek - Outerspace Soul

26) Yam Who? - The Star Of A Story

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Show #17

• March 16th, 2011

Greetings!  Welcome to show # 17 of The Afterglow – another 2-hour dose of cool vibes and classic beats 4 U 2 enjoy. Once again – as in show 16 – no phase 2.  We’ll roll this one out without a DJ Mix (though you will hear a few seamless transitions during the broken beat set).  We have several gems from the early “oughts” - tracks from atjazz, Bougie Soliterre, Truby Trio, and Crazy P to name a few.  We also have a track from the Eric Rico & Marc Mac EP as well as a remake of the Eurythmic’s classic “Sweet Dreams”.


Our chilled vibes include a latin remake of the Roy Ayers classic “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” – Sob A Luz Do Sol, as well as music from The Landau Orchestra, Hidden Orchestra, Lisa Shaw, Tony Rich and Federico Aubele.


I’ve also included 2 tracks that I produced. The show opens with “Deep Secrets” from the album Sonic Landscapes. Near the 48:00 mark you’ll hear “Mental Meadows” from the album Tears Of Joy. Both of the albums are available as free downloads so please come over to the Products section at  check them out and leave a comment.


As always, thank you for listening! Thank you for including my show in the soundtrack of your life.

Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and Other Goodies:

1) The King Midas Project - Deep Secrets

2) Dabrye - Evelyn

3) [re:jazz] - Written In The Stars [Atjazz Remix]

4) Quant - Come and Go

5) Peace Orchestra - Shining [Trüby Trio Treatment]

6) Little Big Bee - Searchin [At Jazz Remix]

7) Aquanote - Nowhere [Crazy P's Heatwave Mix]

8) Erik Rico & Marc Mac – Destiny

9) Dénaté  - Sweet Dreams

10) Celda + Sonja - Aromatango [Roch Dadier Remix]

11) The Clyde Dee Concept - Mental Meadows

12) Jazztronik - Ms. Loneliness [Bougie Soliterre Remix]

13) Mamond - Café Sem (Decaffinated)

14) Modaji - Aracaju

15) Jazzanova - Hanazono


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

16) A Bossa Elétrica - Sob A Luz Do Sol

17) The Landau Orchestra – Conceptions

18) Hidden Orchestra – Footsteps

19) Lisa Shaw - Sky High

20) Tony Rich - According To You

21) Federico Aubele – Contigo

22) Marcela Mangabeira - Para Ti

23) Be Noir - Wake Up With Me

24) Marcos Valle +Joyce - Valeu [4 Hero Remix]

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Show #16

• March 8th, 2011

Welcome to show # 16 of The Afterglow! More cool vibes and classic beats 4 U to enjoy.

I was unable to complete a DJ mix this week, so basically we’ll just do phases 1 & 3 for this show. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of good music this time around.


Highlights include a 4-play of Atjazz remixes, a Dusty remix of a [re:jazz] tune, sweet chillout flavor from DJ Aliboo, Ameaba, and DJ Rodriguez, soulful gems from Amber Ojeda, Choklate, and Jill Scott, 2 Nina Simone remixes, and we close out with Da Lata’s chillout classic “Pra Manha”.


As always, I thank you all for listening, for telling your friends, and most of all for loving the music as much as I do. Enjoy the show!!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) BUG – 20 Winks

2) Colman Brothers - Another Brother [Remix]

3) Don-Ray - Give A Little [Dub Mix]

4) Kabuki - Tempest [Atjazz Remix]

5) Ameaba - Salty Tears [Atjazz Remix]

6) Jestofunk - Mama Blues [Atjazz Remix]

7) Sarah Jane Morris - Nothing Comes From Nothing [Atjazz Remix]

8) Jaam ft. Eska - Call It To Mind [Jimspter's Vocal Remix]

9) Silvia Donati - A New Born Day (feat. Belladonna) [Belladonna & Delexy Remix]

10) Melchyor A - In Your Soul

11) [re:jazz] - Rita (Dusty Remix)

12) Jazztronik – Nana

13) Black & Brown - Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix]

14) Soulive & DJ Spinna - Cash's Dream [remix]

15) DJ Aliboo - Back From Playa


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

16) Ameaba - Salty Tears

17) DJ Rodriguez - Blue Voices

18) Amber Ojeda - Don't Rush

19) Choklate - Reach For The Moon

20) Jill Scott - Can't Explain (42nd Street Happenstance)

21) Nina Simone - Feelin' Good [Joe Claussell Remix]

22) Nina Simone - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair [Jaffa Remix]

23) Sabrina Malheiros - Passa [Venom Remix]

24) Da Lata - Pra Manha

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Show #15

• February 17th, 2011

Welcome to show #15 of The Afterglow.  A wonderful mix of Cool Vibes and Classic Beats just 4 U! 

Phase 1 features an unreleased track from Ernesto, a beautiful broken beat track from Don-Ray, remixes from Jazzanova & Landslide, and a classic MAW remix from Incognito. We also have some jazz from Soul Jazz Orchestra, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and Soulive. 


For our DJ Mix, we have part 2 of “Descendants of The Boom-Bap”, a mix of downtempo, jazz and hip-hop that celebrates the influence of hip-hop.


Phase 3 includes music from TruSage, Kefele, Jazztronik, Amber Ojeda, and another track from Soul Jazz Orchestra.


Thank you for tuning in! And thank you for loving the music like I love it. Enjoy the show!!


Phase 1: Beat, Jazz & Other Goodies

1) Ta-ku – Sylvia

2) Eric Lau - Star Trekking

3) Ernesto – Held

4) Don-Ray – Nina

5) The Har-You Percussion Group - Welcome to the Party [Jazzanova Mix]

6) Soulstice - Fall Into You [Landslide Mix]

7) H&H Soulsurvivors - We Are One

8) Incognito - Always There [Masters at Work Remix '96]

9) Soul Jazz Orchestra - Lotus Flower

10) Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Flipside

11) Soulive – Outrage


Phase 2: DJ Mix

12) DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Love Of Da Game [instrumental]

13) Kero One - Musical Journey [instrumental]

14) Shai Linne – Throne Of Grace

15) J. Rawls – Tribute To Da Beatminerz

16) The Jazzual Suspects – Hotpot

17) People Under The Stairs – Schooled In The Trade

18) DJ Jazzy Jeff – Touch Me With Ur Hands [instrumental]

19) Thes One – Hy-Vee

20) J. Rawls – Tribute To The Beatnuts

21) Kero One – Groovin’

22) Soulive – Clap! (feat. Black Thought)

23) Dakah Hip-Hop Orchestra – Reap What You Flow

24) Mr. Critical – Almost Lost You

25) Joey Youngman – Conflict Resolution

26) Will Jones & Biz – Classical Gas

27) Gagle – Scene #2 [instrumental]

28) The White Shadow – Narrow Grave

29) Kero One – Keep It Live! [LP version instrumental]

30) DJ Jazzy Jeff – Travelz [instrumental]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

31) TruSage – Today’s Special

32) Kafele - Sugar Didn't Work This Time

33) Jazztronik - The Piano

34) Amber Ojeda - Through The Fear

35) Soul Jazz Orchestra - Serenity

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The Afterglow - Show #14

• February 3rd, 2011

Greetings! Welcome to show #14 of The Afterglow. More cool vibes and classic beats for you as always. Highlights of the show include music from Sunlightsquare, Louie Vega, Rasmus Faber and a brand new remix from Atjazz. Phase 3 features another track from Eric Benet's new album as well as music from George Duke and Andreya Trianna.


Our special treat for this show is the DJ Mix. Whether it's the drum sounds, the recording techniques or the swagger, the boom-bap of hip-hop has influenced - even given birth to - many other genres. This soulful mix is a tribute to that influence...  Presenting "Descendants Of The Boom-Bap (part 1)", featuring a wonderful blend of downtempo, jazz and hip-hop, this is a mix that will definitely get your head's nodding.  If you enjoy this mix and would like to hear part 2 in the next show, leave a comment here, on the facebook group, at,  or e-mail me:


Thank you for listening and thank you for loving the music like I do. Enjoy the show!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and Other Goodies:

1) Blackpocket - Look Over Honey

2) KALM - Etta James

3) Sunlightsquare - Gengere

4) Louie Vega - Mon Amour [Original Instrumental]

5) Rasmus Faber - Yes (feat. Dyanna Fearon) [Original Mix]

6) Heather Johnson - Love Is Beautiful [Ananda Project Original Mix]

7) Warm Days feat. Swindle and Natalie Maddix - Selfish Skies [Atjazz Remix]


Phase 2: DJ MIX

8) Louie Vega - Jungle Fever [ATOJ Remix]

9) Joey Youngman - Gotta Be Love

10) J. Rawls - A Tribute to Dilla

11) Nicolay - My Story (feat. Kay & Sy Smith)

12) J. Rawls - So Fly

13) DJ Jazzy Jeff - Practice [instrumental]

14) Thes One - Target

15) Kero One - Keep It Alive! [remix instrumental]

16) DJ Spinna - Dayz

17) J. Rawls - A Tribute To T-Roy

18) Kero One - In All The Wrong Places [instrumental]

19) Pat Gonzales - As I Am

20) Soulive - Bridge To ‘Bama (feat. Talib Kweli) [Hi-Tek remix]

21) Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day (feat. Mos Def) [DJ Spinna remix]

22) Teddy P - Pony Express

23) Michael Tello - Black Thought

24) Ohmega Watts - Floor Rock

25) Ron Blake - Dance Of Passion [Casamena remix]

26) Jazzanova - Another New Day

27) Paf - Sweet Chambermaid

28) Ohmega Watts - Treasure Hunt (feat. Sugar Candy)

29) Mahogany Jones - Keep On

30) Jaywalkers - Morning Mist

31) DJ Spinna - Platinum


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

32) Eric Benet - Sometimes I Cry

33) George Duke - A Melody

34) Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Different Places

35) Deep Solution - Made For You

36) Andreya Triana - Something In The Silence

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The Afterglow - Show #13

• January 19th, 2011

Greetings and welcome to Show #13 of The Afterglow.  For this show we highlight some very nice modern soul tracks.  Phase 1 features a tribute to the late Teena Marie in the form of a remake of her hit song "Lovergirl" from Mark de Clive-Lowe and Sy Smith. We also have 2 tracks from the "Soul's Back Again" compilation (with 2 more from that CD in the DJ Mix). Another highlight is "Peace" by Melissa T from the "Fruit Cocktail" compilation.


Our DJ Mix for this show is Audio Tapestry Vol. 2. It kicks off with some soulful club vibes, slowly evolves into an explosion of broken beats (including some latin-flavored gems), and ends up with some nice remixes from The Brand New Heavies and Olivier Daysoul.


Phase 3 features some more good soul music from Eric Benet, Soulive, Aaron Marcellus and The Will Band and Choklate. We conclude the show with a remake of the Spandau Ballet classic "True" done up neo-soul style by Soul:ID.


Thanks for tuning in and thank you for loving the music like I do. Enjoy show #13!!


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz and Other Goodies

1) Freddie Joachim - Quick

2) Mark de Clive-Lowe & Sy Smith - Lovergirl [Syberized]

3) Mark de Clive-Lowe & Rahel - Hope

4) Melissa T - Peace

5) Weeland and the Urban Soul Collective - Lil' sumthin

6) The Brand New Heavies - Boogie

7) Slow Motion Replay - Tell Me Bedtime Story


Phase 2: DJ Mix

8) Dan Electro - Lift up my mind

9) DJ Angola - East River Drive

10) Slow Motion Replay - Think Better

11) Ïony - Vu From Upper Story

12) Carl Borg - Graining My Skin

13) Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me [Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix]

14) The Latin Project - Musica De Amor

15) Oreja - Julietta [Nautz 20:20 edit]

16) Micatone - Sit Beside Me

17) Tito Sensai - Gaeleta Liquida

18) Cecilia Stalin - Afro Blue [Awakening] 19) Yam Who? - Summertime (feat. Leroy Burgess) [Nsm Summertime 09 Mix]

20) Roisin Murphy - Sow Into You [Bugz In The Attic Remix]

21) Domu - Nu Vision

22) Eddy Meets Yannah - To Keep

23) Altered N8'ive - Bone In Your Nose

24) Sabrina Malheiros - Maracatueira [Black Sunshine Dub]

25) The Brand New Heavies - Let's Do It Again [Philippians Remix]

26) The Revolution & Marius DeVries - Yellow Moon (feat. Roisin Murphy)

27) Olivier Daysoul - In The Now [duke hugh bossatronic remix]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

28) Eric Benet - Paid (feat. Eddie Levert)

29) Soulive - Mary

30) Aaron Marcellus & The Will Band - I Love

31) Choklate - To Whom It May Concern

32) Soul: ID - True

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